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Strip in the interior

The strip in the interior

The strip - is one of the most popular motifs in interior design.

The alternation of contrasting colors has a verystrong optical effect, depending on the width, color, and location of the strips can visually change the space to allocate parts of it and set a specific character to the whole interior.

It is generally known that vertical stripes visuallymake the room higher, but this technique also helps to balance the various irregularities of the walls and create a sense of a strict order. Very elegant and expressive look wallpaper with alternating glossy and matte stripes, this wall design is perfect for classic interiors.

Horizontal stripes make the room morespacious, but it is important to remember that the ceiling will seem much lower than it actually is. In contrast to the vertical stripes, horizontal, make the situation more playful, joyful, and perhaps even extravagant.

The bar in the decoration of the walls for the interioralmost any style. The only exception is the direction, in principle, that reject the strict geometric shapes, for example, the baroque or art deco.

Very often designers use to striptextile interior design. This figure is a remarkable solution for curtains, as looks easier than any complex print, but not as monotonous as a monophonic.

Always fresh and elegant striped lookupholstery covers and cushions. A huge selection of materials of different colors and textures, will allow most successfully write such articles in any interior.

In a modern interior in a strip may not beOnly padding. Very popular doors and furniture, made of striped wood. The fashion for such objects of interior has been around for over a hundred years, and came after the fad ethnic motifs.

Do not forget about all kinds of accessories. A variety of lamps in the strip can give an unusual and festive look, even the most ordinary circumstances.

Always fresh and very cute striped lookflower pots. But the best solution is to use in the design of the room a few small accessories, striped, it will give a sense of style and completeness of the whole interior.

Using strips of the design space opens up endless possibilities for imagination.

The alternation of different colors and textures allowsto find a truly unique solution, which, moreover, with time not lose its freshness and relevance, so that the strip never goes out of fashion.

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