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How to stretch your legs before jogging

How to stretch your legs before jogging

Running is undoubtedly one of the most useful and effective types of exercise.

However, that it did not cause harm, should approach it wisely.

First, you need to learn to devote sufficient time to warm up to while running does not get injured and reduce the load on the heart.



Warm up before jogging is important for many reasons. First, pre-heated and stretched muscles of the body is much less susceptible to sprains during running. The same goes for the joints - they become less flexible, which means that the chance of injury during training is minimized.


Secondly, it promotes redistributionblood, that is, its outflow from the intestine to the skeletal muscles. With this in them more oxygen is supplied, and therefore increases endurance.


Third, the warming has a beneficial effecton the heart. If gradually to bring the frequency of its beats to the target zone, the load on the heart is not so high. This is especially important for beginners or before a long and intensive training.


To perform a warm-up for the beginning of the usefuljust a quick walk for 5 minutes. Then you should definitely stretch your muscles of the whole body, from the neck and ending with the pelvis. To do this, you can twist the head, do elementary Mahi hands and tilts in all directions. Since during the run are involved in virtually all of the body, stretch the muscles in the legs just wrong.


You can then start to workout legs. To begin to perform the joint exercises, having made a circular movement of the hips, legs and feet. This razomnutsya hip, knee and ankle joints.


Then you need to face the wall, retreating from hera few steps, and place his feet on the shoulder width apart. After that you should stretch your hands on the wall and pull the legs back, holding them at the maximum point of 10 seconds. Then the same should be repeated, helping hands to pull the muscles even more.


After that you should perform a pull-upknees to the chest. Again, using the hands. All movements to be performed slowly, trying to maintain regular breathing. The order in this case must be: stretching, relaxation and delay. Repeat preferably not less than 10 times.


The next exercise - lunges forward. In this case, each time should crouch lower and lower. Then you need to sit down on one leg, putting aside the other, and then transfer your weight to the opposite.


In conclusion, it should make the exercise onStretching the hamstrings. To do this, pull one leg forward and put it on any surface. Then stretch the entire body to toe, trying to lower a person as low as possible to the patella.

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