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How to stretch tight shoes

How to stretch the shoes

New shoes - is not only a nice new dress, but also annoying blisters. What to take to the new boots or shoes bring only joy?

There are several options how to effectively soften shoes.

The simplest, but very effective way to: thick socks cotton dipped in warm water, squeeze so that they were wet but not dripping wet, and closely put on shoes. Walk in the shoes, socks are not yet dry. Then put the paper into the shoes to stay there the moisture is completely absorbed.

In a good shoe store you can always buyspecial means for stretching. Typically, such a foaming agent is a spray which is sprayed inside the shoe. After such a procedure in the treated spray boots or shoes should be like. However, to use such funds should be cautious, especially in light of shoes, so that the skin can change its color, so before using the spray, try it inconspicuous places. Another option - to process shoes alcohol. In the USSR, for example, to stretch tight shoes often used cologne.

For those who have not decided on their own stretchtight shoes can be recommended to see a specialist. Most shoe repair shops offer customers services for stretching. Shoes worn on special metal pads heated and gradually stretched. Disadvantages of this method lies in the fact that the master can "overdo it" with stretching and shoes or boots will lose their shape.

Another quite original way stretchShoes - frost. The boots or shoes to put a plastic bag with water and put the shoes in the freezer. When water freezes, it will stretch the shoes. Home -Choose rugged package without holes, tie it carefully and before you get a package of shoes need to give the water a little melted.

The first thing to remember: Shoes can not be stretched in length. It only stretches in width. In that case, if the toes rest on the sock, stretch shoes impossible.

All methods shoe stretching is best suited for products made of genuine leather. Artificial materials are stretched much worse or do not stretch at all.

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