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HOW stretch narrow shoes

How to stretch the narrow shoes

Buying a new pair of sneakers or sandals may be overshadowed by the realization that narrowish shoes for your feet. But it's not much of a problem to contact the store to change a couple.

The narrow shoes can always stretch.



spacing close footwear It can be in the home. Go to the shoe store and buy a so-called "stretching shoe" - foam or spray. Apply it on footwear outside and inside, and wait a few minutes until the agent is absorbed into the skin. Then put on the still wet footwear on foot (best on tiptoes so as not to bring downlegs) - and walk around the apartment twenty minutes. For shoes, which must simply "plant leg", one of the "session" is usually sufficient. If too tight shoes - wear in them for three to four days, with the last two days, wear thick socks.


Stretch footwear possible without the use of special equipment, traditional methods. Wet shoes cologne or vodka (even plain water can be used) Buy Shoes and walk around the apartment as long as footwear dry.


The close footwear Genuine leather can be stretched in a different way. Take a durable plastic bag, place it in the cavity of boots or shoes, fill with water, how to tie and put footwear in the freezer. As is known, the water expands when it freezes - so ice will stretch the skin. Use this method should be with caution - especially with summer footwearnd, not designed for freezing temperatures.


If the shoes were too narrow and stretchthem at home does not work, you can apply to the shoe shop. Specialists repair shops have special devices that allow mechanical (and quite) a narrow stretch his boot or shoe close. Just do not expect that this will happen "in the presence of the customer" - to such a stretch usually takes a day or even two.

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