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How to stretch your narrow shoes


How to stretch your narrow shoes</a>

Buying a pair of new shoes or sandals can be overshadowed by the perception that the shoes are narrow for your leg. But this is not such a big problem to contact the store with a change of pair.

Narrow shoes can always be stretched.



Dilute close footwear It is possible at home. Go to the shoe store and buy a so-called "stretch for shoes" - foam or spray. Apply it on footwear Outside and inside and wait a few minutes until the product is absorbed into the skin. Then put on another damp footwear On the foot (best of all on a socks, so as not to bring downFeet) - and walk around the apartment for about twenty minutes. For shoes that just need to "sit on the foot," one such "session" is usually enough. If the shoes are tight - wear them for three to four days, and in the last two days wear a thick sock.


Stretch footwear It is possible and without the use of special means, folk methods. Wet shoes with cologne or vodka (you can use even ordinary water), put on shoes and walk around the apartment until footwear Not dry.


Close footwear From the natural skin can be stretched in another way. Take a strong plastic bag, place it in the cavity of shoes or shoes, fill it with water, as it should be tied up and put footwear In the freezer. As you know, the water expands when frozen - so the ice will stretch the skin. Use this method with caution - especially with the summer footwearY, not calculated for minus temperatures.


If the shoes were too narrow and stretchThey are not available at home, you can contact the shoe shop. Shoe repair specialists have special devices that mechanically (and quite heavily) stretch a narrow boot top or tight shoes. Just do not expect that this will happen "in the presence of the client" - this stretching usually takes a day, or even two.

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