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How to strengthen a wooden floor


How to strengthen a wooden floor</a>

Wooden floors for today on a parity the price / quality considerably surpass the competitors.

They are characterized by durability, ecological safety, simplicity of stacking and dismantling and aesthetic appeal.

Most often, floors of this type are used in private homes and cottages.



Throughout operation timeWooden floor there are times when it needs to be slightly strengthened. As a rule, such a need arises if it is too squeaky or the lags that hold it are strongly rotten. When carrying out any operations to strengthen the floor covering, prepare all the necessary carpentry tools and have patience.


If you want to strengthen the floor and get rid ofAnnoying squeak, go to the building store or to the market and buy wood screws there. With their help, twist the floorboards to the lags at different angles. To screw the screws, use a large screwdriver and make sure that their hats do not protrude above the floor surface.


Old nails tweak or at all remove fromBoards. Catch the remaining holes. If the base on which the floor is fixed, concrete, then use self-tapping screws for concrete. Thus, you can strengthen the surface of the floor, as a result of which it will no longer loosen, creating an unpleasant creak.


If the floors in the wooden house are made of fiberboard, thenThey can be strengthened by means of anchor bolts, using a cushioning pad. To fix the creaking, fix the end join of the boards. To do this, hammer a slightly curved nail between them. In case the squeak is creaking, hammer under it a blade made of solid wood.


When carrying out all work on the strengthening of sexUse protective clothing and gloves. This will allow you to protect yourself from injuries and bruises. Laying a wooden floor in accordance with a pre-planned and planned sequence of actions will allow you to perform all the work as quickly as possible. The performer must have some skills and skills in using carpentry tools. In case if for any reason you can not independently strengthen the floor, ask for help from experienced professionals who for a small fee will perform all the work at the highest level. Approach the strengthening of sex with maximum responsibility. This will extend its service life for many years.

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