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How to strengthen the will

The well-known proverb says - win win only one who is determined to win it

Everyday life provides us with new opportunities to exercise willpower.

We just need to look closely at these "lessons of destiny" and not give in to the chance to say goodbye to his weakness of character.



I do not want, but I will

The most effective exercise to strengthen the willIt is to perform the work, which is not much interest for you, on the contrary, abstinence from activities that bring you great pleasure. Such acts of will greatly develop the strength of character. Even uninteresting thing to be performed carefully, in good faith, fully devoting himself action.


goal Setting

Begin to set achievable goals andalways bring it started to end. Learn to enjoy the process and enjoy even small achievements. Gradually increase the complexity level of tasks and do their best to fulfill them.


Follow mode

Do not give yourself breaks in execution plans. Wake up to the eve of the scheduled time and do not let the feeling of laziness to take control over your schedule.


The great power of auto-suggestion

In their actions, words and even thoughts leadIt behaves as if those qualities that you want to have, are already part of your character. Act as if you are the one who want to become.


Do not spray on the little things

Do not waste your time and energy on the indulgence of harmfulhabits - the rejection of them is a very significant step towards attainment of a strong will. Catching up on some business, do not be distracted by trivia - concentrate on the task entirely.


Without cheating

Lying is a powerful barrier in strengtheningwillpower. Deceiving others in the end you yourself begin to subconsciously believe their lies. Tossing firewood flame unrighteousness you thus contribute to the development is very bad quality, which ultimately have a negative impact on all of your strong-willed efforts.


Keep yourself in the hands of

Practice restraint - do not be angry when someone provokes you to aggression. Shut up if you do not want or have nothing to say. Do not break on enticing dessert if you're not hungry.


The philosophy of everyday life

Practice Due to the nature of everyday life -pay attention to his gait, behavior, manner of speaking and expression. Physics and mind - are inextricably linked, therefore, making a bit of confidence in their daily actions, you thus lay the foundation for the formation of unbreakable iron will.

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