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How to increase the volume

How to increase the volume

Loud music - obligatory accompaniment of any festive event.

Music is designed to set the mood and tone of the event, and if it is a holiday, it is simply obliged to sound most loudly.

In order to enhance the volume of the music, you can use one of the methods suggested below.

The use of each of them depends on your level of technical and computer skills.



Use any audio player with customizable equalizer. In order to maximize volumeYou need to put all the values ​​on the equalizermaximum. Make sure that the speaker, which you use to listen, was not overloaded - sometimes the sound is fuzzy with these settings, as the speaker is unable to cope.


Download and install an audio file editor. In order to enlarge volume track, you need to use the effect"Normalization". Also, consider the features of the speakers that you use - if you do not have a subwoofer for low frequency reproduction, it is necessary to use a graphic equalizer and minimize low frequency, while increasing high.


Use power, combining it with the playback device and speakers. Power may increase volume music at least twice. Most importantly, once again - is to take into account the power used by the speakers. For this pre-test device compatibility at maximum volume, and if the sound goes without distortion - buy.

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