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How to strengthen the 3G router signal


Russia - a vast country, and not to every corner of the Internet has made it.

Now it is gaining popularity 3G Internet network, andportable modem from telephone providers, who are trying to bring the joy of using the Internet povsemestno.No most offensive - is when the connection seems to be there, but the connection speed is so low that as if it and net.V such cases, there are several ways to amplify the signal 3G router.

You will need

  • Antenna Signal Booster «connect 2.0».



The easiest way is to purchasesignal amplifier called «connect 2.0». Do not listen to those voices on the internet that say about the uselessness of this device. Tested on personal experience - working! Let's not perfect, but it really amplified signal at times. It can be difficult to find the right place in the room, but if found, I believe you have a fast internet connection!


You can try the USB-extender. This option is good if the signal is unstable. Extension will find an ideal place in the room (usually the windows) where the signal is strong and stable. The downside is that to find the source of the strongest signal is extremely difficult.


Suffice radical and expensive way - itbuy antenna. It is similar to an ordinary television, it will have a specific focus and is very important to strengthen the signal. It will cost very well, but the internet in such a case, you can get very good.

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