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How to strengthen the overlap

How to strengthen the overlap

Overlap - is that part of the building, which divides it into floors. It happens that during the operation of the building there is the need to redesign or change the destination premises.

If during these changes for whatever reason increases the load on the overlap, they require additional strengthening.

This feature reduces the load on it, and, therefore, increase the reliability.

You will need

  • - Concrete rastvor-
  • - Boards opalubki-
  • - Bricks.



If between the wall and the axis of the beam does not spanreaches twenty two centimeters, then fill this space hollow bricks. To do this, place them on a long face. When laying the bricks one end should lean on the wall and the other end should be based on the beam. The second layer of bricks lay perpendicular to the first. When laying try to concrete bricks between thickness not smaller than 4 cm.


In cases where the distance between the beamceiling and the wall more than twenty-two centimeters, reinforce concrete beams overlap. For this pre-Construct formwork between the wall and the first beam and the concrete to fill. To the concrete consumption was minimal, and the strengthening of the overlapping goals reached sovey fill the place of the light beam material. Above the filler concrete layer do not less than 4 cm.


It is possible to concrete slab. To do this, first carefully clean the place by strengthening the various types of dirt, debris of bricks or other materials. Thoroughly moisten with water before the overlapping point of concrete placement. This must be done to avoid the suction of water from the solution, which will keep the concrete strength.


Obsheyte boards and lined with brick crownsoverlapping the contour of the walls. This must be done to the concrete mix does not leak. Also make formwork for wreaths placed around the openings in the ceiling. Concrete must be in a direction that is perpendicular to the joists.


Before you start immediately the process of concreting, install the rack-pendulums. Thanks to them, you will be able to align the rule layer of concrete, removing excess solution.


Allow time for concrete to harden and gain maximum strength. This will take at least 28 days. After this period, remove the mounting support and the formwork rims.

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