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How to strengthen the overlap


How to strengthen the overlap</a>

Overlap is the part of the building that divides it into floors. It happens that during the operation of the building there is a need for its redevelopment or changing the purpose of the premises.

And if in the course of these changes for some reasons the load on the floors increases, then they require additional strengthening.

This function will reduce the load on it, and, therefore, increase the reliability.

You will need

  • - concrete solution-
  • - boards for formwork-
  • - bricks.



If there is no gap between the wall and the axis of the beamReaches and twenty-two centimeters, then fill this space with hollow bricks. To do this, lay them on a long line. When laying one end of the brick should rest on the wall, and the other end should rest on the beam. The second layer of brick lay perpendicular to the first. When stacking, try to ensure that the concrete between the bricks is not less than 4 cm thick.


In cases where the distance between the beamOverlap and the wall exceeds twenty-two centimeters, reinforce the overlap with a reinforced concrete beam. To do this, pre-build the formwork between the wall and the first beam and fill it with concrete. To ensure that concrete consumption is minimal, and the reinforcement of the floor has reached its goal, fill the space above the beam with light material. Over the aggregate, make a layer of concrete not less than 4 cm.


You can concrete overlap. To do this, carefully clean the place of reinforcement from various types of contamination, fragments of bricks or other materials. Thoroughly moisten the floor with water before the moment of laying concrete. This must be done so that there is no suction of water from the solution, which will save the concrete its strength.


Coat the boards and enclose the crowns with bricksOverlapping on the wall contour. This must be done so that the concrete mixture does not leak out. Also make the formwork for the rims around the openings in the floor. Concrete must be in a direction that is perpendicular to the joists.


Before you start directly the process of concreting, set the pendulum-pendulums. Thanks to them, you can align the layer of concrete with the rule, removing the excess solution.


Allow time for the concrete to freeze and gain maximum strength. This will take at least 28 days. After this period, dismantle the mounting supports and the formwork of the rims.

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