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How to strengthen the power outlet

How to strengthen the power outlet

Loose in the wall socket is not only causing inconvenience to use, but also potentially carry a greater threat to human health.

Short lead to the conclusion of the system of electrical appliances, and the exposed wire may cause electric shock.



Disconnect the outlet. To do this, turn off the line in the switchboard, located in the entrance, lower packet switch which feeds the entire apartment or a machine, which is powered by a group of rosette. Be sure to check if there is no current in the socket. Use a tester or a screwdriver indicator. If you have neither the one nor the other - switch the appliance into it, whether it be a hair dryer or electric. If does not work - there is no tension. Stick and gently pull the plug, holding hands socket housing.


Remove the screw cap to adhere to the wall outlet, and remove the cover. Precipitated the socket, insert the Escutcheon, and tighten with a screwdriver up to the stop screws that hold the foot-strut.
Put the cover back and secure it with the screw. In most cases, such operations will be sufficient to strengthen the previously chatted outlet.


If this method does not work, trydo a little differently. Do the same operations until the tightening screws spacers. Only this time the screws do not tighten and loosen. Between the legs, struts and walls enclose pieces Escutcheon bead or a small piece of wood. Insert should tightly hold. Now tighten the screws and slide the cover. The tabs must press a piece of wood to the wall outlet box, which must hold firmly inside the Escutcheon.


There is another way to more solid, moredifficult to implement, but it is much more robust than the above. Get in electrical store Escutcheon with screws for fastening the flange and socket type Vi-ko. The device itself must have holes for screws.


Remove the outlet completely insulatewire. With a little punch expand the diameter of the hole so that you can install a new Escutcheon. Get him the leads and secure it in a niche with the help of plaster or cement mortar. Wait for the complete drying of the binder. Install the outlet is not 2, but 4 points that will guarantee durability outlet installation. Turn on the power and check the operation of the appliance.

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