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How to strengthen your nails after a long build-up

How to strengthen your nails after a long build-up

Artificial nails - very popular todayprocedure, since it gives the incredible beauty of female hands and external grooming. These same nails spoils from this procedure as master cut away the nail plate.

They become soft and brittle, becoming unseemly appearance.

We'll have to be patient and good to try to strengthen your nails after a long build-up.

You will need

  • Burdock oil, peach kernel oil, a decoction of chamomile, marigold decoction, capsules Aevitum, sea salt, lemon, cosmetic wax.



To restore your nails after a build-up,the first thing you need to take them with food inside. It is necessary to choose a good multivitamin complex and drink away the course. You need to take additional calcium and Aevitum (A and vitamin E) as well as the elements necessary for health and beauty nails.


Without special baths bring the nails in orderIt does not work. They should be warm (water temperature about 40 ° C) and contain useful impurities, such as broth chamomile or calendula, sea salt or lemon juice, and oils (eg burdock or peach, which have regenerating and firming properties). The hands are immersed in the bath for at least 20 minutes. These procedures are best done as often as possible, at least four times a week. This will speed up the recovery process. To prevent the bath is not less useful to resort to them should periodically, at least once a month.


There are good mask for nails thathelp make nails strong and durable. For example, water may be mixed with a mineral oil polish (best fit or burdock peach) and 5 drops of lemon juice and the resulting mixture was crushed in 1 capsule Aevitum. This mask must be rubbed into the nails before going to bed.


Also, for a long time it is known that nailvery useful potatoes. Treatments with mashed potatoes will help to strengthen the plate quite quickly. You must cook it and put on the nails, then wrap them in foil and hold a minimum of 20 minutes. The simplest mask - this dive fingers in lemon pulp, cut in half. Lemon has a regenerating, firming and brightening properties.


A good way to cure after long nailscapacity - it is paraffin, which is held in the salons. At home, you can carry out procedures with the strengthening of wax. To do this you need to mix cosmetic wax with lemon juice or essential oil of lemon / orange, rub the mixture into your hands and nails for about 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Repeat should be every three days, then already after a couple of applications we will see the result.

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