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How to strengthen the nails after a long build-up


How to strengthen the nails after a long build-up</a>

Nail extensions - very popular todayProcedure, as it gives women's hands incredible beauty and external grooming. Real nails are very spoiled by this procedure, as the master cuts the nail plate.

They become soft and brittle, they acquire an unseemly appearance.

You'll have to be patient and try hard to strengthen your nails after a long build-up.

You will need

  • Burdock oil, peach oil, chamomile broth, calendula broth, Aevit capsules, sea salt, lemon, cosmetic wax.



To restore the nails after building,First of all it is necessary to take care of their food from the inside. You should choose a good multivitamin complex and drink a course. In addition, you need to take calcium and Aevit (vitamins A and E), as these are essential elements for the health and beauty of nails.


No special trays lead nails in orderDoes not work out in any way. They should be warm (water temperature about 40oC) and contain useful impurities, such as a decoction of chamomile or marigold flowers, sea salt or lemon juice, as well as oils (for example, burdock or peach, which have restorative and strengthening properties). Hands are immersed in the bath for at least 20 minutes. These procedures are best done as often as possible, at least four times a week. This will speed up the recovery process. For the prevention of the bath is not less useful, resort to them should be periodically, at least once a month.


There are good masks for nails, whichWill help to make the nails strong and durable. For example, you can mix water with one of the oils useful for nails (the burdock or peach is the best), and also with 5 drops of lemon juice and crush 1 capsule of Aevita into the resulting mixture. This mask must be rubbed into the nails before going to bed.


Also since ancient times it is known that for nailsVery useful potatoes. Procedures with mashed potatoes will help to strengthen the plates pretty quickly. It is necessary to prepare it and put it on the nails, then wrap them with foil and hold for at least 20 minutes. The simplest mask is the immersion of the fingers into the pulp of a lemon, cut in half. Lemon has restorative, firming and brightening properties.


A good way to cure your nails after a longBuild-up - this is paraffinotherapy, which is held in the salons. At home, you can carry out procedures with strengthening wax. To do this, mix cosmetic wax with lemon juice or lemon / orange essential oil, rub the mixture into hands and nails for about 20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Repeat every three days, then after a couple of applications the result will be visible.

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