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How to increase the microphone on the computer

How to increase the microphone on the computer

Finally came an amazing time when many musicians and DJs, thanks to the development of computer technology, can create at home a small but cozy and complete recording studio.

Anyone who even slightly connected with the sound engineering skills will be useful to know how to increase the microphone on the computer.

You will need

  • Folder "Sounds and Audio Devices" ( "Sound").



Open the "Start" menu, "Control Panel" andfind the "Sounds and Audio Devices" section. There you can adjust the sound system events and configure speakers and audio devices, such as microphone.


In the window "Properties: Sounds and Audio Devices "tab, click" Audio ". "Sound recording" Go to the middle field. There, in the window-list, select the device used for sound recording. Click the "Volume".


New window "entry level" you will seea few sections - "Laser", "Lin. input "and" Microphone ". Each of them has its own volume bar running around with the slider, and an additional slider to adjust the stereo balance. In the "Microphone", move the volume slider to the desired level. Downstairs, next to the "Select" tick. Close the window.

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