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How to strengthen the house

Make your home a fortress

The house, built by professional builders of quality material, can serve their owners for decades.

The mistakes made during construction, reduce the period of up to several years. Most are fatal errors when laying the foundation.

Founded higher level of soil freezing, without strengthening or floating soils with elevation changes, the foundation will lead very quickly, and hence the deformation of the walls and the possible collapse.

If you are a victim of unfair work of the contractor, you can go to court, and the house itself you will need to urgently strengthen.



Strengthening the foundation.
The method of strengthening the foundation depends on the type of strain:
1. violate the integrity of the foundation. There were cracks in the solution. Remedy: injection of grout into the cracks and voids.
2. Sleepers rotted, because of which at the very foundation of the void or the load (superstructure) increased by the foundation. In this case, can be strengthened by making the injection of the same solution under the sole base.
3. In the event that the planned increase in the load is very significant, it should strengthen the foundation vibroshtampovannymi svayami-
4. During the construction of extensions to the house because of the vibration and deformation of ground, even the most solid foundation can lead. In this case, in addition to strengthening the piles, it is necessary to strengthen the load-bearing walls with metal strands.
5. Universal way to strengthen the foundation? it expand. Around the house dig a trench to a depth of foundation, cleaned off the ground and debris in the basement in a checkerboard pattern at a distance of 20 cm hammered reinforcing rods section of at least 16 mm. They construct the reinforcing belt, formwork and pour concrete.


Strengthening the walls.
If you understand the foundation, it should bestrengthen the wall. The main problem, which leads to the destruction of the walls in addition to the basement? It is the lack of waterproofing. In this case, the paste is applied on the basis of bitumen on the wall of the house. But this method is not reliable enough, because with time and there is no bitumen exfoliates. All waterproofing has to be updated again.
A much more reliable way? This coating walls hydrophobic materials, which repel water from the surface, and firmly adhere to the wall, penetrating into it to a depth of 1 cm.
The most expensive but also the most reliable way: steep walls with special waterproofing compounds. They can fully impregnate the wall, becoming one with it.


Do not forget to tap groundwater from the walls. To do this around the house pulled out a trench, which is tightly clog clay.

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