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How to strengthen the foundation

How to strengthen the foundation

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, beginThere are cracks on the walls of the house. In itself, this phenomenon is not terrible, but it means that the foundation sags, and this poses a threat to the entire structure as a whole.

In this case, you should immediately strengthen the foundation of the house until it is too late to stop the deformation in the beginning.



First of all, decide for whatever reasonthere is subsidence of the foundation. There can be several: the soil with different density on the perimeter of the foundation, the construction of the building on two separate foundations, cleaning the base under the foundation. In the dry season, make a selection of ground at short intervals throughout the basement and compare the density of the soil composition and moisture content samples.


If your sink area foundation primerloose, and samples have high humidity, this indicates a blur basement groundwater. It is also possible that the leaching is due to incorrectly calculated sewer system or leak in the water system. Check the system for possible faults. In this case, make drainage of the foundation with the help of the drain pipe at the base of the foundation or drainage channel, strengthen its concrete pouring.


If the ground around the area is dry enough,but it has a different density, it is the cause of subsidence of the foundation of the uneven distribution of natural subsidence. In this case it is necessary to strengthen the foundation of the house as much as possible by increasing its reference area. For this razroyte base foundation, move it under the rebar and pour concrete with rebar protruding edges. Thus it is possible to redistribute the load and stop the drawdown. In order to avoid violations of the integrity of the foundation, on another site by pouring concrete you must spend around the perimeter of the house.


Most frustrating when the structure is in thetwo separately made foundations. In this case, in addition to the above, most likely, you will need when pouring concrete in the base of the foundation also set times of the valve, or to do a total screed.
In general, the strengthening of the foundations are best left to professional builders, as there are many nuances and subtleties of this issue.

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