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How to strengthen the fence

How to strengthen the fence

Installing the sampling should be carried out taking into account the building code requirements.

Otherwise it some time after installation can begin teeter.

And, although this fact is very unpleasant, it is quite reparable.

More often require strengthening fences erectedon metal poles. Stone unlike them have more inertia, and therefore even if not strong enough, they are able to install stand long enough.

Reasons rocking fence

There are several reasons for loosening of the fence posts. Among them stands out:
- A violation of technology during installation zabora-
- Violation of the rigid connection between the pillar and the ground as a result of excessive load.
Often people in order to save time and money enough to bury the pillars of the fence or ignore the need for concrete pads of the device. All this leads to the fence shaking.

Proper installation of the fence to avoid a lot of problems in the future.

Strengthen the fence will not have to, if you useadditional hard links between adjacent columns. This can apply, and cross diagonally. They can be made of steel strip. Their use allows to evenly redistribute the load between the pillars. Moreover, additional hard links can be used to mount the fence plating, in which can be a profiled or mesh-netting.

Technology to strengthen the fence

Normal depth fixing fence posts mustbe no higher than the level of soil freezing. Therefore, before proceeding to the strengthening of the fence, you need to check it. If it complies with the depth, but the fence is still reeling, you can perform concrete gravy.
For this part of the post and Digthe resulting hole fill with concrete, which after drying will provide uniform redistribution of loads on the ground. This, in turn, significantly improves adhesion intake column with the ground.
If you do not want to mess with concreteworks, you can post near each additional drive piles. You can use the steel bar, angle or construction rebar. These elements are driven to the rear of the enclosure. At the end of the lock by means of welding rod or headroom hammered steel angle to the fence post.

Pile should protrude above the ground is not less than 300 mm.

If you know in advance that the fence will not be able to avoid heavy loads during its mounting struts will strengthen the pillars. In this case they will have L-shaped.

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