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How to fix the child car seat

How to fix the child car seat

One of the options for installing child car seat in the car is its fastening a seat belt in the back seat.

Manufacturers of children's car seats permanently modify the configuration of said accessory, trying to make it universal, suitable for installation in interiors of any car brands.

But sometimes still come across the chair, which can not be installed in a particular machine.

So, before you pay for the purchase of new chairs, be sure to verify that you can install it in the cabin of your car.

You will need

  • Baby car seat.



Universal child car seats are fixed atassistance to the three-point seat belt. These chairs have successfully installed in the salons of many cars of different brands. This design most important subject, when a family has more than one car.


With three-point seat belt in the car salonattached baby seat all groups. Armchairs groups "zero" and "zero-plus", mounted in the rear seat passenger compartment and fasten your seat belt, going to the car kit. Child safety seats in the specified groups, provided straps bundled car seats.

How to fix the child car seat


Car Seats second and third groups are produced withoutadditional seat belts. Children in these groups seats to wear seat belts, located in the back seat of the car. Thus, the rear seat belts are used for fixing both of seats and for fixing them in a child.

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