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STRAWBERRY changes color


Strawberries change color</a>

Genetically modified products constantly replace the habitual healthy food from our everyday life.

And even if we try to exclude their diet, they can get to us on the table in a roundabout way: in the form of ready-made oils, semi-finished products or food ingredients.

Now there is a struggle from the AmericanCompanies for introducing products with modified DNA to the market of various countries. Many studies in the study of the dangers of such products are blocked, and the results are hushed up or presented in a corrected form. The danger of these products can only be determined over time, but then the situation can get out of control.

Against the backdrop of these ups and downs, Chinese manufacturersOffer very funny and strange plant species. It seems they got to the very saint, what the Russian summer resident has. In online stores appeared a strawberry of various colors: emerald, lilac, blue, yellow. It's nice to see such a strawberry, but it's very difficult to eat it. Not every person can overcome himself and put such a berry in his mouth.

Some Russian experimenters have alreadyOrdered such a miracle seeds. And if they manage to grow them, then as a result of pollination, the modified gene can move to neighboring areas. Of course, a rare summer resident grows strawberries from seeds, but the probability of this exists.

So do not be surprised if you have a blue strawberry or a square watermelon in your dacha.

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