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straw hat

Straw hat

Summer straw hat? thing is pretty versatile and suitable for any outfit.

Make a hat from straw can be yourself, and this is a very exciting experience, and does not require large financial investments.

You will need

  • - soloma-
  • - The color of the silk thread solomy-



Prepared straw, soak for 30 minutes, then wrap in foil and begin to weave the ribbon-catfish or otherwise referred to as "chetyrehkontsovku".


It is necessary to weave the ribbons 20-25 m. Twist the ribbon roll, to avoid confusion.


From the bottom of a finished tape to put a hat. First, bent tail catfish in the form of small triangles to enclose the following series for the previous one, start to sew. The seam should be positioned so that the thread fell into the edge of cloves, then the product will look more pronounced.
bottoms Size depends on the circumference of the head for an adult is equal to the diameter of the bottom of 18-20 cm, for a baby - 14-18 cm.


When the bottom of a ready, go to Tuglie. To do this, gently bend the braid slightly priposazhivaya her on a break, if necessary rapid transition - to bend at an angle of 90 °.
Every three - four turns conventional sewn webbing roll out with a rolling pin.
After fabrication and bottom of the crown, to iron their iron with steam at a maximum temperature. Better to do it on the hat pig.


Concluding the "cap", to make sure that heGet with the gradual expansion from the bottom to the fields and match the girth of the head. In the transition of putting some fields, wringing dramatically by half the width of the webbing and prisborivaya slightly lower row, lay the next row of the field. Make a seam often for greater strength at the bend. The finished hat to iron, sew decoration, allow to dry.

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