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How to build a pattern

How to develop a strategy

How to develop a strategy

Development of the company's development strategy involves drawing up a specific long-term plan in order to achieve a certain goal.

It draws is oriented either to minimize the company or a highly specialized production costs.



Conduct analysis of the industry to which the your business and identify the range of long-term actions to achieve specific goals, depending on:
- Competitiveness predpriyatiya-

- The volume of resources that will be needed to achieve tseley-

- Timeframe for the resolution of certain issues relating to the organization of the enterprise.


In general, the strategic plan should have the following items:
- Trends in the development of your otrasli-

- The position of your company in otrasli-

- The main objectives of your predpriyatiya-

- Financial tasks that need to be addressed in order to achieve tseley-

- Actions to create competitive preimuschestv-

- Measures for the reorganization of the company, necessary to achieve the objectives.


There are three main types of strategy developmententerprise in the market, taking into account all points of the general plan. If you decide in the reorganization of the enterprise to maximize the reduction of production costs and the sale of goods, you will need to strengthen the material-technical and engineering-design base and provide supply chain operation and marketing.


Companies of the second type of focus onspecialization in the manufacture of goods in order to create a clear competitive advantage in the shortest possible time. However, for this you have to recruit a large number of highly qualified specialists in marketing, design and implementation of R & D. You also will need a lot of costs, and to ensure your high-tech production ordinary frames, and the purchase of necessary equipment.


A third type of strategy implies a fixation onany one segment of the market and the concentration of production capacity in this segment. To do this, you will need to carry out a serious analysis of not only your industry but also other industries are interested in the products your target audience. By choosing a third type, you can either maximize the reduction of production costs of the goods in your company, or to declare itself as a company specializing in some specific types of goods produced by your industry.

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