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How to straighten bangs

If your bangs are extremely disobedient or youthe owner of a very curly hair and want to emphasize and highlight a perfectly smooth bangs, you should remember a few simple rules straightening bangs.



Firstly, when laying bangs separate from allrest of the hair, they kill the back or twist in the tail. The head, even if your hair is curly rather, is sure to wash moisturizing shampoo with balm-conditioner. Be sure to treat the ends of hair balm, not touching the roots of the region, but bang should infiltrate substantially all exceptexcept that only 1-1.5 cm from the roots. This is necessary in order to prevent pushenie hair and naughty, that may arise from a lack of moisture in a couple of hours, even after careful styling.


comb bang comb with teeth rare enough, and thensprinkle its fixing means. You should give preference to a light spray, but by mousse and gels should explicitly reject - hair will look greasy and dirty, even with a small number of them. Sprays, moreover, very often contain substances which give the hair an attractive sheen.


Try to give preference to straightenhair using a large round brush with bristles hard enough. Before straightening divide the hair into small strands and start pulling them, twirling on the brush and trying to pull out upwards instead of downwards. The tip bangs is put in, as it will likely still gradually straighten, but it will not be hanging around carelessly.


If you prefer to straighten hair withusing the ironing, you better invest in a straightener with ceramic coating and the ability to regulate temperature. The fact that the ceramic coating is much less damages hair, does not burn and they are gradually heated. A temperature selection function will help you choose a suitable for your hair - as there is nothing worse than drying, after which the hair will recover long enough, and their appearance is not the most accurate. Use thermal protection spray (again, not mousses and foams).


So you straightened bang. It remains only to finally fix it - forsprinkle it with lacquer fingers hair and gently go over a few strands, pulling them slightly. Similarly, you can use a drop of the lightest of wax for hair, bangs will look quite textured and smooth.

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