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How to straighten a bang


How to straighten a bang</a>

If your bangs are extremely naughty or youYou are the owner of very curly hair and want to emphasize and highlight an ideally smooth bang, you should remember a few simple rules for straightening bangs.



First, when laying, separate everything from the bangsThe rest of your hair, chop them from behind or twist them in the tail. The head, even if your hair is rather curly, should definitely be washed with moisturizing shampoo with a balm-rinse. Be sure to treat balm hair ends, not without affecting the root area, but Fringe It is worth permeating almost everything, except forExcept that only 1-1.5 cm from the roots. This is necessary in order to prevent hair loss and disobedience, which can arise from a lack of moisture after a couple of hours, even after careful installation.


Comb Fringe A comb with fairly rare denticles, and thenSpray it with a fixative. You should give preference to light sprays, but from mousses and gels is clearly worth noting - the hair will look greasy and dirty even with a small amount. Sprays, moreover, very often contain substances that give hair an attractive shine.


Try to give preference to straightening outHair with a round large brush with a fairly stiff nap. Before straightening, divide the hair into small strands and start pulling them out, winding them on the brush and trying to pull them up, not down. The tip of the bangs is to be put inside, since it is likely to straighten up anyway, but it will not be inaccurately sticking out.


If you prefer straightening your hair withUsing ironing, you better spend on a ceramic-coated rectifier and the ability to adjust the temperature. The fact that the ceramic coating much less damages the hair, does not burn them and heats up gradually. And the temperature selection function will help you choose the right one for your hair - as there is nothing worse than drying, after which the hair will be restored long enough, and their appearance will be far from neat. Use thermal spray sprays (again, not mousses and foams).


So, you straightened out Fringe. It remains only to fix it finally - forThis sprinkle your fingers with hair spray and gently walk through several strands, pulling them lightly. Similarly, you can use a drop of the lightest hair wax, the bangs will look quite inviting and smooth.

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