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How to store toilet water

How to store toilet water

Fragrant liquid in the vials beautiful for a long time won the hearts of both women and men.

toilet water quality is directly dependent on its proper storage.

There are certain rules that can extend the shelf life of your favorite perfume.

You will need

  • shelf in the closet, refrigerator



Do not store toilet water in a warm place,for example, a battery: the heat affects the formula fragrant liquid, changing it for the worse. Put your favorite bottle on a shelf in the closet, away from any heat sources.


Do not leave the toilet water in the bathroom. There's too wet, and does not like perfume. Do not expose to light scented water. It can also damage the chemical composition of the solution.


Keep tightly sealed toilet water, betterin its original packaging. If the liquid is in the bottle, spray, then worry about it is not: in this case, the air does not get into the vial. If you are a long time do not use toilet water, store it in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf.


Do not allow strangers into perfumeobjects (hair, dust, particles of tissue, etc.). This leads to rapid oxidation of toilet water, and it loses its properties. Periodically check if the fluid density has increased, if the color has changed, whether there was an unpleasant smell. When symptoms such perfume should not be applied on the body: it can cause allergic reactions.


Keep an eye on the perfume, which incorporates oil: such toilet waters deteriorate much faster than those that do not have oil ingredients.

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