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How to store the tubers

How to store the tubers

Some ornamental plants at the base of the stem are formed tubers or corms. It supplies water and minerals that help the flowers normally hibernate.

If tulips survive the cold and in the open field, the gladiolus and dahlias need to help. After flowering, they dig up the underground part of the next season.

To plant again pleased you rapid color, learn to keep the tubers correctly.

You will need

  • malathion
  • magnesium permanganate
  • Water
  • grafter
  • Shovel
  • Ash
  • linen bags
  • Paper
  • A mixture of sand and peat (or special filler)
  • Clay
  • Dry frost-cellar



Digging up the rhizomes of plants in early October,before the onset of frost. Dahlias in September to start hill, to protect from the cold root neck. All the spent flower stalks do not forget to immediately cut off to form a good club. Before you dig next planting material from the ground, cut the leaves of the plant and form a small hemp (5-10 cm).


Soak for 15-20 minutes excavated tubers and corms in malathion (match solutionpowder boxes bucket of water). It is possible to make a "bath" for half an hour of diluted potassium permanganate in water (the solution should be on an average density - red).


Put the plant material to dry in a drywarm room with one bed. Once it is completely dry, separate from the corms of gladioli little lukovki- "kids" and the dry stalk. Large same tubers dahlias should be divided into several smaller ones. Place the cut flower growers are advised to sprinkle ash (powdered coal) in order to avoid mildew. dried tubers from three weeks to a month.


Lay corms on canvas bags (can be used for just this old socks). Keep tubers gladioli better in boxes with air access. At the bottom lay a paper and pour the planting mixture of peat and sand. Some gardeners replace it with a special filler, which is sold in flower shops. Ground Gladiolus, lest they got wet and did not rot, brush with a mixture of clay and ash.


Ensure optimal storage tubersconditions. They should not be frozen, but drying will make the planting useless. The best place for them - this shelf dry cellar temperature which is not higher amplitude ranges from 4 to 7 degrees.


Find out all necessary information about the processbreeding of the species and varieties of ornamental plants. Most of the bulbs and tubers garden and home colors can be stored above methods. However, in each particular case may have their own nuances. The ability of plant roots to function normally and without the disease survive into the spring, is largely dependent on fertilizer use and other conditions of the garden of content.

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