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How to store a coat of Mouton

Mouton coat</a>

Fur products require special care for themselves.

The fur coat from the Mouton is no exception. It is good because it can walk in wet weather.

With proper care your fur coat will last you ten seasons.



Before buying a fur coat from Mouton You should check its quality. To do this, squeeze the small edge of the fur coat into a fist, and then unfasten. The place you clamped should be instantly smoothed out. If this did not happen, it means that you have a poor quality coat.


Once a year, you should rent a fur coat for cleaning. Do not expose the product to dry cleaning, it can ruin your fur coat. Give your winter clothes to specialized organizations, where they are engaged in fur cleaning.


You can store a fur coat at home in a spacious closet, whereThere is almost no light. Strongly do not put it in a plastic bag, it will ruin the texture of the fur. It is best to use a fabric cover for storage. If there is a possibility, then in the summer it is advisable to hand over his coat to a special refrigerator room. Thanks to this, your pride will always look new and beautiful.

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