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How to keep fur from Mouton

Coat Mouton

Fur products require special care.

Coat Mouton - is no exception. It is good that you can walk in wet weather it.

With proper care your fur coat will last you ten seasons.



Before buying coats Mouton you should check its quality. To do this, squeeze the edge of a small fur coat into a fist, then uncompress. A place that you pinched must instantly smoothed. If it does not, then, before you poor quality coat.


Once a year should take a fur coat to the cleaners. Do not expose the dry cleaners, it can mess up your coat. Give your winter clothes in specialized organizations, which are engaged in cleaning the fur.


Keep the coat can be at home in the spacious closet wherehardly gets light. Strongly should remove it in a plastic bag, it will spoil the texture of fur. It is best to use a cloth storage bag. If possible, it is desirable to pass the summer in a fur coat special room fridge. This is your pride will always look brand new and beautiful.

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