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How to store a bike so that it is not stolen


How to store a bike so that it is not stolen</a>

Stealing a two-wheeled friend is a heavy loss that can befall anyone who does not take bicycle storage seriously.

Thefts and thefts occur not only in Russia, even in the most affluent countries it is not uncommon.

If you need to leave the bike

Often bicyclists, even knowing thatJust to leave a bicycle is dangerous, yet behave arrogantly, expecting that the theft can happen to anyone, but not with them. But do not underestimate the danger. It's easier to take care of a good bike lock, in order to get rid of all risks in advance.
The ideal way to fix a bicycle is to connect the frame and each of the wheels to the support, but this assumes that you will have to buy several locks at once.
There are several types of bicycle locks. The strongest is the U-shaped lock. With its help, you can either attach the frame to the wheel, or the frame to an extraneous object. This is a very resistant protection, which, nevertheless, folds before the hydraulic scissors and some other tools.
Locks from the chain are also considered sufficientReliable, but they can be handled, if desired. There are also cable locks, this is the most unreliable means that will save only from the casual passer-by, but not from the one who purposefully decides to take possession of your bicycle. Locks that fix the wheels of a bicycle, too, can be called a questionable measure, because their strength is low.
Remember that you can park a bicycle on the streetOnly very briefly. Use in order to fix it, an object that is itself firmly fixed. It is safer to take 2-3 locks instead of one: fix the wheels on the frame, and also the frame on the support.
If you need to leave the bike for a long time, you canRemove the steering wheel or seat from it. Such a bicycle for a thief will not look very attractive, since it will have to be completed before reselling.
Do not forget to write down the frame number, in case the hijacking does happen. Never leave a bicycle without a "leash", even if you only leave for a couple of minutes!

Where to store the bike for a long time

The most popular places for storing bicyclesAre a vestibule in the entrance or balcony. Tambour is also the most popular bicycle theft place. The second place in the theft is occupied by temporary parking near shops, and the third - by garages. So think again before you leave the bike in the vestibule or in the garage.
The safest place you can call an apartment. But you live there, where else is the bicycle? But there is a way out.
Some keep a two-wheeled friend on the loggia. If it is glazed, then this is a good option, but not for the cold season, when some parts of the bike can be damaged from low temperatures. In winter, you can disassemble the bike, fold it into a cover and put it on the closet. You can also highlight the compartment in the closet itself.
A good option for keeping a bicycle inApartment will be a suspension system. Several aluminum corners hang on the ceiling, on which the frame is engaged. The advantage of this method is that the bike does not take up space on the floor.

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