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How to store seasonal shoes

How to store seasonal shoes

Typically, winter and autumn footwear at one season.

And with the advent of heat just throw in the closet, not only thinking about the consequences.

To avoid some of the problems with the shoes, you must follow a few rules.



Usually people do not try to take care of their shoes for the next season. Because of this winter often catches them by surprise. So try in advance to carry his shoes for repair.


To refresh suede boots or shoes and remove scratches, use a suede eraser for shoes that can be purchased at any shoe store.


City street in winter with salt, it isleaves white marks on the shoe, easy to clean with a solution of vinegar and water. Make it a rule that before you remove the shoes in storage, it should be washed and cleaned of dirt on the soles.


Winter shoes are best kept without insoles, because they impart an unpleasant odor.


To maintain the original shape of her shoesIt must be stored in wooden blocks or replace them with plain paper. In addition, the wooden blocks help to get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweat.


Second-hand shoes often looks shabby, it will help to fix the shoe cream or polishes.


The best way to store winter or autumn shoes are shoe bags, they will be a great replacement for the carton.

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