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How to stop communicating with the person

How to stop communicating with the person

Living in a society, every man at least once in his life faced with such a problem, as the termination of communication.

Ideally, the rupture of relations between human beings always requires training and reciprocity in the decision.

Before you stop to talk to someone, well analyze your decision.

And if you clearly decided on their choice - act.



Given the fact that once the man wasfor your closest and dearest, try to do everything possible to parting proved painless. Talk to him, express all that you are concerned, and - most importantly Convey - to your former friend (a friend, a comrade, a friend, a loved one), why do you want to stop your communication. Do this gently as possible without touching the vanity of your interlocutor. Remember that everything in life is cyclical: if you will cause someone pain, it will come back to you like a boomerang.


The person with whom you want to communicate to stop,It must be clearly aware of the fact that you do not approach each other. Depending on the cause of separation depends on the entire rupture process. If your friend or loved one you just fed up, became uninteresting, make every effort to ensure that does not make him a notorious person. Cut the chat to a minimum, but not sharply, but gradually. If this person has caused serious harm to you or brings continuous negative, of course, such a person is necessary to break off the relationship abruptly and with no chance for rehabilitation.


There is also an option when you likeWe decided to end the relationship, but still remain some doubts that prevent to do so. Then you just need to calm down and just talk to that person about what you do not like in your relationship. Express all that pent up, carried to the interlocutor the reason for their grief and resentment. Perhaps then he realizes his mistakes and sincerely ask for forgiveness.


After this, you should think about lifeproverb, which says that a real friend is easy to lose but hard to find. Remember that every time you decide to break relations, always pre-weigh the "pros" and "cons", and never do it rashly.

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