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How to stop fear of his boss

How to stop fear of his boss

Fear of the boss can inhibit employee and turn his life into a continuous stress.

In addition, the inability of man to fend for themselves for fear of management leads to the fact that it remains well-deserved pay raise or position.



Understand that your head - the same people. Despite the fact that it occupies a higher position than you, your boss is not full power over you. You do not have to endure all that goes beyond a working relationship. Remember that life - it's not just a job, and no one has the right to belittle your human dignity.


Think about exactly what you are afraid of. Imagine the worst outcome of events and realize the maximum that you face - it's fired. So is it worth because of this exhaust itself to white heat and destroy themselves with endless stress? If you are a good specialist, do not worry about possible loss of seats. First, you probably cherish as a professional, and secondly, as a last resort, you will find another, at least the same job.


Develop the correct style of behavior with theirauthorities. Speak calm, confident voice. No need to mumble and curry favor with the leadership. Respect to you it will not add, and fear will only intensify. Your posture should be inclusive and sustainable. Stretch your shoulders and keep his chin up straight.


Imagine in your mind in Chiefcomic, bad light, such as a whimsical baby or little animals in a suit. Perhaps this visualization will help you less afraid of his leadership.


Work on your own self-esteem. Maybe you do not have enough confidence in their own abilities and their professionalism. Remember all your past achievements on your dream and write down the current certificate of competence. You also need to love yourself and respect. Then you will not allow the authorities to claim your honor and rights.


Try not to make mistakes in their work. If you treat your work duties conscientiously, the boss is not what will you blame. Perhaps the fear guide emerged from the fact that you are not sure of the integrity of the work.


Overcome your fear, met with fearface to face. If you are afraid of the authorities - more communicate with management. eventually Maybe you get used to your boss, find the approach to the management and stop his fear.

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