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How to stop burr

How to stop burr

Many parents mistakenly believe that some violations of the child's speech may pass with age.

Of course, sometimes it happens, but most often need professional help to correct speech defects.

If an adult has decided to fix the burr, it is quite real, just need a fairly large force of will and a lot of patience.

The adult vocal apparatus had become accustomed to pronounce the sound wrong, but if you really try, you will succeed. Do the following exercises on a daily basis:

You will need

  • assertiveness.



Within 1-2 minutes, slowly try speaking three sounds DE LE TE nonstop: DE DE LE TE TE PE?
Then accelerated the pace and try speaking the same soundsall within 5-6 minutes faster and faster. Note the pronunciation sound LE, remember that the tip of the tongue at the same time must be provided to the bumps located on the upper teeth. You should already have obtained a little sound? R ?.


Now begin to pronounce the slightly modifiedSounds: DE FC DE. At the same time the first sound DE say as he used to say, and try to pronounce the second DOE so that the tip of the tongue was on the bumps on the upper teeth. So the sound uttered by the British.
Start slowly and without stopping to utter sounds DE DE DE DE TE TE TE DE DE? for 5-7 minutes.


Then accelerated the pace, until you hear and feel crisp, this sound? R ?.
Then say the 10 times these words: DART, glass tubes, Bustard, crushes, chokes, firewood, trembling, blood clots, Troll, TOLLEYBUS, wire ropes, buckets, hip, cunning, METRO, the Wise.


After talking for previous words,try speaking the following words: building, tram, haircuts, shaving, treshka, rainbow, joy, fear, utter, RIGHT, Rogue, Discharged, tarragon, furrow board HELLO, START, SORT, hostility, stench, lied?
Repeat the exercise for settingsound systematic, daily 3 times a day: morning, afternoon and evening. Only then you will achieve the desired results in some time - stop burr. Depending on the intensity and systematic training, as well as the severity of speech disorders, it may take a couple of months to a year or more.

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