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How to paste wall-papers on a wall


How to paste wall-papers on a wall</a>

A win-win option to update the interior of the room without much effort and skill - the design of photo wallpapers.

Particular conditions for this change are the quality choice of the image, which will be the highlight of the room for a long period, and its application to the wall.

You will need

  • Level, ruler, pencil, knife stationery, rubber roller for wallpaper, 2 brushes (large and small), a piece of dry clean cloth, a stepladder, glue, a bucket.



Preparation of walls - the surface of the wall should be level, you must remove all irregularities from the wall, remove all the remains of old wallpaper.


We find the center and from it we make vertical and horizontal lines on the wall. Use the level and pencil.


We lay out the wallpaper on the floor with a picture down. Apply glue on the wall, and then on the wallpaper with a brush. We let the wallpaper absorb glue for 1-2 minutes. We paste the first central canvas on the marks. We smooth the wallpaper with a rubber roller - removing excess glue and expelling the air.


In the same way we glue the subsequent canvases. From the center in different directions. We glue the wall-papers in a lap, so that the images on both canvases are combined.


Using a ruler and a clerical knife, we makeCut along the line joining the canvas. We cut both stripes from top to bottom. This results in a seamless joint. Lubricate the edges again with a brush, smooth the joints.


Repeat all the steps with all the elements of the picture.

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