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How to stick to the wall wallpapers

How to stick to the wall wallpapers

Win-win option to update your home decor without much effort and skill - drawing photo wallpapers.

Specific terms and conditions of such a change is a quality selection of images, which will be the highlight of the room for a long period, and its application to the wall.

You will need

  • Level, ruler, pencil, stationery knife, rubber roller for wallpaper, 2 brushes (large and small), a piece of dry clean cloth, stepladder, glue bucket.



Preparing the wall - the wall surface should be smooth, it is necessary to eliminate all irregularities from the wall, to remove all remnants of old wallpaper.


We find the center and from it we do vertical and horizontal lines on the wall. Using a level and pencil.


Spread on the floor down the wallpaper pattern. Apply glue to the wall and then on the Mural brush. Give wallpaper glue to soak for 1-2 minutes. Glue on the first central leaf on labels. Smoothes Mural squeegee - removing excess glue and expelling air.


Likewise, the subsequent sticking of the web. From the center in all directions. Photo wall-papers sticking overlapped to both canvases aligned image.


Using a ruler and a knife do clericalsection along the line connection webs. Both strips cut from top to bottom. As it turns out seamless joint. Re-coat with a brush the edges, smooth the joints.


Repeat the steps with all the elements of the drawing.

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