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How to glue the sole


How to glue the sole</a>

One day, beloved shoes begin to leak, wear off and require immediate repair.

Is it possible to glue the sole on your own or do you need to immediately apply to a professional shoe shop?

There are short-term and long-term measures that will help your shoes still serve for a while.

Whether to take them alone, it's up to you.

You will need

  • - Glue-
  • - Acetone-
  • - Rags or cotton wool-
  • - Press-
  • - Sealant (MS polymer), silicone sealant-
  • - Porous rubber-
  • - Cardboard-
  • - Insole-
  • - Rubber outsole-
  • - A piece of cotton cloth-
  • - Knife and scissors.



Repair Sole With the help of a durable adhesive for rubber - this is the mostHabitual way to bring shoes in order. As a rule, this is a temporary measure. If the front edge of the sole is slightly peeled off ("ask for porridge"), clean the surfaces to be stuck from the contaminants and after drying, treat them with acetone. Usually, at home, super glue and "Moment" are used. Well proven in the practice of self-repair soles epoxy adhesive (EPD), hermetic "crazy hands" and polyurethane "Desmokol".


Use the glue according to the instructions on the package. Usually it is not applied with a very thick layer (2-3 mm), can withstand 10 minutes and squeeze the shoes heavily from night to morning. Ideally, this will be done in a shoe shop using a special press. At home, use the improvised means, trying not to deform the shoes. Ideally, use a "g" -shaped shoe with an additional load.


If the leaky outsole has a honeycombConstruction, with wear in it formed voids - the heel fails, the shoes in this place is thinned. Tear off the insole and carefully clean the honeycombs from dirt, glue residues and torn cardboard. After this, you can pour them with a sealant (for example, MS polymer) and allow to dry properly. Cut out the shape of the old insole cardboard templates, soak them with the same tool and glue on Sole, Then install new insoles.


Sometimes the cellular sole is leaking due to a smallPuncture. In this case, also detach the insole (if it is OK, then it can only be done at the puncture site). Fill the honeycomb with silicone sealant, fill them with scraps of porous rubber (micropores) and again apply silicone. From above put the insole and strongly press it, until the repaired sole does not dry out.


Fix it Sole, Cracked across, at homealmost impossible. To do this, you need to contact shoemakers and make a rubber sticker ("prevention"). The same should be done when abrasion of heels and toes.


If you managed to get a thin rubber Sole On the size of your shoes, try sticking it onYourself. Use a sturdy shoe glue. In order for the rubber piece to adhere to the base of polyurethane or nylon, first weld the hot iron to it with a precisely cut cotton lining. When applying a rubber sole to the skin, it is recommended to make a 45-degree edge. However, only experienced craftsmen will be able to repair the shatter or abrasion of the shoe more reliably.

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