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Sterlitamak - center of chemical industry and mechanical engineering

Sterlitamak - a city in the Republic of Bashkortostan,founded in 1766 and was located in an area of ​​108.5 square kilometers. According to the beginning of 2014 in Sterlitamak lived 277,050 people - Russian, Tatar, Bashkir, Chuvash, Ukrainians and other nationalities Mordvinians.

City in the Soviet times has earned the status of "chemical industry center," which he retained up to the present time.

A bit of history and geography

Sterlitamak is located on the left bank of the Belaya River, a tributary of the Kama River, 120 kilometers from the capital of Bashkortostan - Ufa city.
Sterlitamak is the second after the Bashkir capital largest city of the country.
According to historical sources, its namethe city received after the merger into a single two-word "erased" and "TAMAK". The first - the name of the river flowing close to Sterlitamak, and the second is translated from the Turkic language as "mouth" or "mouth". That is the literal translation of the word - is the "mouth of the river has worn off."
To the east of the Ural Mountains are Sterlitamak, and on the west side - the East European Plain.
Its existence the city owes much to the merchantSawa Nikiforov, who lived in the first half of the 18th century. It was he who initiated the construction of the pier next to a small settlement on the spot while Sterlitamak. The main purpose of the harbor was salt transportation to the Kama, and then to other cities when the Russian Empire.

Why Sterlitamak called "chemical capital"?

On the territory of the urban industrial zonesthere is a large number of chemical and petrochemical industries, which provide substantial tax deductions to the state budget. In 2008 alone, chemists and petrochemical products produced for a total of 37.34 billion rubles.
One of the leading and providing Sterlitamakjob a few thousand people is considered to be the company "Soda", which is in the same 2008th produced a variety of goods to 13.788 billion rubles. A little behind the company and JSC "Caustic", shipped in the same year, production at 10.344 billion rubles.
It is known throughout Russia and "Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant", which is the country's only producer of phenolic antioxidants and stabilizers from the series "Agidol".
Purpose of phenolic antioxidants - further production of rubber.
There Sterlitamak and engineering giants. This "Sterlitamak machine-tool plant" (short for "MTE"), the plant "Red Proletarian" large "car repair plant", "Plant Stroymash" as well as many others.
It does not apply to any engineering or by chemicalindustry, but produces a very sought-after product "Sterlitamak Distillery Plant", which is a branch of OJSC "Bashspirt". In the urban area also houses a brewery, "Sheehan", owned by "Heyniken".

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