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STERILIZATION cans in the microwave

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Sterilization - a mandatory heat treatment tanks for jam, pickles and other workpieces.

To carry out this procedure is possible by means of the microwave oven.

Due to such processing all conservation will be stored for a long time and does not deteriorate.

You will need

  • - Banks for preserving
  • - microwave



Before you begin sterilization, inspect carefullyselected container. On the banks must be labels, as well as elements of a material that can melt or burn. The surface of the containers must be smooth and free of chips or cracks. Banks must be absolutely clean.


Place a few cans (depending on theirsize) in the microwave. Leave room for a special container in which it is necessary to pour water. This can be a plate, a cup or mug. Note the material of construction of the container. Utensils must comply with the general rules of use of microwave ovens. heat treatment process should last no more than three minutes.


Water can be poured in the banks themselves. The liquid level in this case should not exceed 1 cm. Containers also sterilized for three minutes. The water comes to a boil, and steam reliably process the surface of the cans.


If the bank does not fit into a microwave oven, it can be put to one side. Only in this case it is necessary to carefully pour it in a small amount of liquid. Otherwise the container may burst.


Using microwaves can be sterilizedjars filled with blanks. In this case, the additional water tank is required. Simply put, banks microwave ingredients and bring to a boil. Then quickly remove the container from the oven and roll covers.

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