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How to steam the skin


Steam the skin</a>

Beautiful skin has always been the envy of others. It requires close attention and special care.

Every day your skin is under the influence of negative factors and is constantly stressed.

To bring its norm, it is necessary to regularly make the procedure for steaming.

You will need

  • Hot water, casserole, herbs, towel, cleansing lotion.



During steaming, the pores are opened and cleaned Skin From pollution is much easier. It is recommended not to steam a face more often than once a week, as you can disrupt the natural balance of the skin and its protective functions. Prepare your Skin To steaming. To do this, thoroughly clean it from make-up.


Pour a small pot with hot water andAdd a teaspoon of chamomile. It can be either fresh or dried. Lean over the container and cover the head with a towel, so that it completely covers you from all sides. Almost immediately you will begin to feel that your skin is becoming soft. When steam passes, it means that the steaming procedure is completed. Wipe the face with a cleansing lotion or tonic. To achieve a greater effect, after uncoiling, a face mask is applied.


In the hot water, add the herbs and pour hotWater. If you have oily skin, then you will use peppermint and lemon, normal - lavender, rosemary, dry - chamomile. Allow the water to cool slightly. Then dip the cotton napkin into warm water. Press it and put it on your face, then when it cools down, repeat the procedure again. Do this 3-4 times. In the end, wipe the face with a cleansing lotion.

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