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STERILIZATION by steam: how to handle, so that the bank does not burst


Sterilization by steam: how to handle, so that the bank does not burst</a>

Every year careful housewives prepare various jams, compotes, sour cream to please their households all year round.

Of course, the main thing is the recipe of this or that product, but the correct treatment of the canister in which the product is directly stored is not unimportant.



With the processing of cans by steam is achievedSterility of the container: the product will be stored for a long time, and various forms of bacteria can not penetrate it, since the container will be sterilized. However, it is the process of steam sterilization that causes many people difficulties: the banks burst from the temperature and explode, and it is not always possible to keep hot containers.


First, wash the jars in warm water withA dish washing agent that dissolves well and does not form a lot of foam. Then, be sure to inspect the entire surface of the jar from the inside and out, if you find chipped and unevenness, then do not use it.


The most popular way among people remainsSterilization with a pan. Take a saucepan and a lid that fits its diameter, ideally if you can remove the handle from the lid and open the bore drilled for its attachment.


In a saucepan, pour clean water to no more thanTwo-thirds of the height of the walls. Cover and bring to a boil. While the water boils, cut out a circle of 10 cm in diameter from the thick cardboard, in the center cut a hole the size of the hole from the handle removed from the lid (well, or slightly more than it).


Without removing the lid, when the water begins to boil,Put a cardboard blank over the lid and put a jar on it so that the steam from the lid opening comes directly into the throat of the jar. Cardboard will protect glass from thermal shock. The entire process of this sterilization of the can should take about 15-20 minutes.


When removing the jar from the lid, be careful and do notTouch it with your bare hand, you can remove the jar with a towel, tack, but it's more convenient to use silicone chef's mittens - so the pot does not exactly slip out of your hands.
On the table spread a clean dry towel and put the jar with the neck down.


For the sterilization process, you can also use the following items as a cover:
- sieve,
- colander,
- the grid from the oven.


Along with this method of sterilization, popularityCollects sterilization of cans in a microwave oven. In the jar pour water about 3 centimeters, and set the capacity in the microwave for 5 minutes. The water quickly boils and sterilizes the jar with steam.
This method of sterilization takes less time from you than the way over the pan, so you can quickly decontaminate more cans.

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