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HOW steal cars

How to steal cars

The number of crimes related to burglary and car theft, remains large.

This does not preclude the fact that motorists are becoming more and more new capabilities to increase the level of protection of the machine.

The main ways to protect the vehicle bypass hijackers

To prevent theft, the owners of vehicles most oftenusing signaling. Keep in mind that the more popular such anti-theft system, the more likely that the attackers know all its features and can without any problems to circumvent the protection. The most dangerous situation when on the windshield or dashboard there is a sticker indicating the alarm manufacturer.
Possible theft in this case are directly dependent onspecific features of the system, and if the attackers know it, the car will not be able to protect. In particular, the hijackers can use special scanners to disable the system or additional engine control unit to bypass the immobilizer.

In no case can not rely only on a full-time alarm that comes. In this case, the risk that criminals quickly and easily disconnect it is very large.

When using mechanical factoryblockers should be remembered that, if necessary, an experienced thief can easily pick them master key. Car lock is opened about the same as the door, and with the necessary tools offender carry with him a couple of minutes.
There are more bad option: Unfortunately, some employees garages operate in cahoots with the hijackers themselves and provide them with a set of duplicate keys for the vehicle. To avoid this, carefully choose a body shop.

How and when to steal cars

In addition to defining the machine protection systemways to bypass, the criminals also choose the right time and place for a hijacking. The widespread variant - a theft from the parking lot near the hypermarket, cinemas and shopping centers. Thieves watch just a car came, and when the owners leave, bypass the alarm using a scanner, use special equipment to start the car without a key, and leave.

Most stolen cars and parking lots near thehouses, moreover, in the place of theft, tend to occur in the interval between four and six o'clock in the morning, because people in the deep sleep period, the probability of finding a minimal DPS.

The owners of expensive cars, especially women,They may be faced with another, far more terrible one for theft: open the door to criminals and, at gunpoint, forcing the driver out of the car, and then sit in the lounge and leave. To avoid this, be sure to lock the locks.

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