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How cars steal


How cars steal</a>

The number of crimes related to hacking and stealing cars remains large.

This is not hampered by the fact that motorists are getting more and more new opportunities to increase the level of protection of the car.

The main ways of circumventing car protection by hijackers

To avoid theft, the owners of cars most oftenUse an alarm. It should be remembered that the more popular such an anti-theft system, the more chances that attackers know all of its features and will be able to bypass protection without special problems. The situation is most dangerous when there is a sticker on the windshield or dashboard indicating the alarm manufacturer.
In this case, the hijacking options are directly dependent onFeatures of a particular system, and if the attackers know them, it will not be possible to protect the car. In particular, hijackers can use special scanners to turn off the system or additional engine control units that allow to bypass the immobilizer.

In no event can you rely solely on the standard alarm system that comes with the kit. In this case, the risk that criminals quickly and easily disconnect it, is very large.

When using factory mechanicalBlockers should be remembered that, if necessary, an experienced hijacker can easily pick up a picklock to them. The car lock is opened about the same way as the door lock, and with the necessary tools, the criminal walks with him for only a couple of minutes.
There is also a more unpleasant option: Unfortunately, some car repair workers work in collusion with the hijackers and themselves provide them with a set of duplicate keys for the car. To avoid this, carefully choose a body shop.

Where and when cars are stolen

In addition to defining the machine protection system andWays to circumvent it, criminals also choose the right time and place for theft. A widespread option - theft from parking near hypermarkets, cinemas, shopping centers. Thieves monitor the cars that have just arrived, and when the owners leave, bypass the alarm with a scanner, they use special equipment to start a car without a key, and leave.

Often steal cars and from parking nearHouses, in this place, thefts usually occur between 4 and 6 o'clock in the morning, as people during this period are deeply asleep, and the probability of meeting the DPS is minimal.

The owners of expensive cars, especially women,Can face another, much more terrible option of hijacking: criminals open the door and, threatening with weapons, force the driver to get out of the car, then sit down and go to the salon. To avoid this, always lock the locks.

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