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How to stay in a hotel in Kazan

How to stay in a hotel in Kazan

Kazan - one of the most beautiful Russian cities. It is very well maintained, there are many attractions.

In Kazan, there is a good water park, where people go even from neighboring regions.

Therefore, during the summer holidays and accommodation in hotels of this city is best to book in advance.

Kazan Hotels - where to stay and how much room

As in most cities, hotelsKazan center are more expensive than in the suburbs. Therefore, if you want to save, better to choose rooms in the sleeping areas. With the transport situation in the city is good, and easy access to the attractions of the farthest corner.

The cheapest hotels and guest-house located at Novo Savinovsky Kazan area. They are very convenient for travelers who come to visit the water park, because he's very close.

Find the hotel you can on various websites. The most famous - booking.com. There are major and chain hotels are located in Kazan. About 110 variants can be seen on this site. Among them are world-renowned Ibis hotel, Raddison and others. But there is enough budget proposals. The number in the small family-run hotel or guest-house can be rented for 500-800 rubles per day. But cheap hotels fill up very quickly, so be sure to book hotel rooms in advance. This can be done directly on the site. Commission from the client for this service is not taken.
Besides booking site.com contact hotel you can search on the Internet. And contact the property directly by calling or writing a letter. The global network is represented by the majority of hotels in Kazan, in addition, there you can find offers from private owners for the delivery rooms for rent.

How to stay in a hotel

Most often check into a hotel requiredpassport. Suitable for both civil, and overseas. Leave it to the mortgage is not worth it, and claim it has no right. But if you want to get when checking the document, you can suggest the hotel staff to make a copy and keep the original.

The most expensive hotels in the center,Vakhitovskoe area. From the windows of most of them with beautiful views of a variety of attractions as well as the river Volga and the Kuibyshev reservoir.

If you are renting a room for a day, the payment mayask immediately. If the stay is not yet known - most often offer to pay for a few days, and the final settlement occurs during the eviction.
Also, if you check many hotels are asked to fill out a card in which you need to specify the full name, passport data, the purpose of the trip. As well as the approximate date of departure.
When you check, you can pay for food and if itnecessary. Many hotels in the price often already includes breakfast, and everything else - for a fee. But in Kazan there is enough inexpensive cafe, which serves delicious. Therefore, to pay the power once it makes no sense, better to walk around the city in search of decent and budget institutions.

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