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How to start writing a story


How to start writing a story</a>

Dreaming of literary glory, as they say, is not harmful. Harmful, dreaming, doing nothing to develop your writing talent.

Therefore, those who want to start writing stories, it is necessary to practice as much as possible in their craft.



The success of the work is held on three pillars: Plot, style, understatement. In search of the first of these components, you do not need to go far - start with what you are familiar with. If you set yourself the goal to write a story and the general outline of the narrative you already have in mind, sit down and write. Do not wait for the moment when the first brilliant phrase comes to mind and a breathtaking final remark. And even more so do not try to write all the text at once in a clear sequence. Editing you will do a little later.


When the narration is complete, give the paperTo lie down. Return to the text after a while and carefully subtract it. Is everything alright with logic? Are the storylines linked? Is the style lame? At this stage of work on the story, it's time to polish key phrases, dialogs, descriptions. Remember that the sister has to your talent: ruthlessly throw out of the text everything that does not work for a general idea, get rid of boring repetitions and uninteresting lyrical digressions. It is harmless to let your work be read to the person whose opinion you trust.


Despite the abundance of sites for self-expression inInternet, which give everyone the opportunity to find their readers, novice authors still dream about the current publication of their books. So without communication with the "expensive editorial staff" can not do. Moreover, this practice is extremely important for a young writer. Sending the text in the publication you are interested in, wait a bit and after a while ask about the fate of your story. Do not be surprised and do not get upset if the first (second, and possibly the tenth) time you will be refused publication. Ask you to voice your mistakes and shortcomings to correct the existing text or take them into account in working on new works. If the editor informs you that the publication is possible subject to a certain correction of the story, do not be stubborn, but consider the wishes of an experienced publishing worker - he is a professional, and you are still an amateur.

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