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How to start to write the story

How to start to write the story

Dreaming of literary fame, as they say, is not harmful. Harmful, dreaming, doing nothing for the development of his talent as a writer.

Therefore, those who want to start writing short stories, you need as much as possible to practice their craft.



The success of the product is based on three pillars: story, style, innuendo. In search of the first of these components do not need to go far - start with what you know so well. If you set a goal to write a story, and the general outline of the story you already hold in your mind, sit down and write. Do not wait for the moment when your mind comes a brilliant first sentence and final Amazing replica. And especially do not try to write at once all the text in a clear sequence. Editing, you prefer a little later.


When the story is finished, let the paperlie. Return to text after a while and carefully subtract. All was in order with the logic? Whether the story lines are linked? Whether the style is not lame? At this stage of work on the story's time to grind key phrases, dialogues, descriptions. Remember that the sister of your talent: mercilessly dispose of all of the text, which does not work on a common idea, get rid of boring repetitions and uninteresting digression. Harmless to read his work a person whose opinion you trust.


Despite the abundance of sites for expression inthe Internet, which offer everyone the opportunity to find its readers, budding authors still dream of this edition of his books. So no communication with "Dear editors' can not do. Moreover, this practice is extremely important for the young writer. Sending text in the edition you are interested in, wait for a while and after a while ask about the fate of his story. Do not be surprised and do not be discouraged if at first (second, and possibly ten) times you will be denied publication. Have you voice your mistakes and shortcomings, to adjust the existing text or take them into account in the work on new compositions. If the editor will tell you that the publication is possible provided certain adjustments of the story, not upryamtes and consider the wishes of an experienced employee of the publishing business - he's a professional, and you are a fan yet.

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