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How to start rapping


How to start rapping</a>

At first glance, it may seem that rap is the most primitive genre of music, because He can not boast of complex vocal parts, nor a rich melodic palette.

However, it is difficult to make quality music, no matter what genre it belongs to, and rap is not an exception, because there are many unobvious reefs.



Listen to various performers. It often happens that music is only dealt with under the influence of a single idol: this explains the wave of "street" rapBut, overflowing social networks with the arrivalPopularity to the group "Center". The main drawback of such creativity is that it is obtained only by copying, and does not bear any value. Try, before you start writing independently, listen to the creativity of the maximum number of performers - you will see how different rap You can read (compare the group "Bricks" with "Krec", for example).


Avoid using known tools. Probably, there is no such rapThe era that one day would not have written a song for"Minus" "Stan" or "Sing for the Moment." However, there is nothing good in this trend - by engaging in a well-known composition, you will make the listener compare yourself to the original, and the choice will clearly not be in your favor. Therefore, try to look for more rare and unrelated melodies - good, on the vastness of the Internet their huge number.


Watch for the quality of the verse and rhyme. There are many options for building rapText, and the choice is not onlySpecific composition, but also the nature of the performer as a whole. So, for example, members of the "Casta" group always try to use a four-syllable rhyme: i.e. On two lines there are 4 consonants. "- I'm the fifth element, multi pass, Dalas Korban! / - You or the cop, or Vasya - the seller of popcorn "(composition" Broom "). But Noize MC prefers rhyme "ah-ah-ah-ah," that is, Rhyme not pairs of lines, but the whole quatrain.


Try to come up with pancakes. It means "talking with quotations", being able to make such a line that it would not be a shame to wrest from the context of the song and show it to your friends. It can be like qualitative rhymes (the above-mentioned "Metla" consists entirely of unconnected punches), and some philosophical and beautiful soaps ("He wanted to love freedom, but did not know what it means").

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