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How to start rapping

How to start rapping

At first glance it may seem that rap - the most primitive type of music, because it can not boast of any complex vocal or melodic rich palette.

But good music is always difficult to do, whatever genre it may belong to - and rap is not an exception, because there, there are many non-obvious pitfalls.



Listen to different artists. It often happens that the music start to be engaged only under the influence of a single idol: this explains the wave of "street" rapand, sweeping social networks with the advent ofpopularity to the "Center" group. The main disadvantage of this art is that it is obtained by copying only, and does not carry any value. Try before you start writing your own, listen to the maximum number of artists work - you'll see just how different rap You can read (compare group "Bricks" with "Krec", for example).


Avoid the use of well-known instrumentals. Perhaps there is no such rapEPA, who once would not have written a song«Minus» «Stan» or «Sing for the Moment». But nothing good in this trend there - holding well-known song, you force the listener to compare themselves with the original, and the choice is clearly not in your favor. So try to look for more rare and nezaezzhennoy tunes - the good, on the Internet of a huge amount.


Keep an eye on the quality of the verse and rhyme. There are many options for building a rap-Text and the choice depends on not onlythe specific composition, but in general character artist. For example, participants of the "caste" groups are always trying to use quadrisyllabic rhyme: ie two lines have to 4 harmony. "- I am a fifth element, multi-pass, Dallas Korban! / - You or cop, or Bob - the seller of popcorn "(" Broom "composition). But Noize MC prefers rhyming "ah-ah-ah-ah", ie rhyme is not a pair of lines, and the entire quatrains.


Try to come up with Punchy. It means "to speak with quotations," to be able to create a line that she was not ashamed to pull out from the context of the song, and show your friends. It can be both qualitative rhyme (the aforementioned "Broom" is composed entirely of unrelated punches) and some interesting philosophical and washed ( "He wanted to love freedom, but did not know what it means").

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