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How to start breeding pot plants

How to start breeding pot plants

If you are unsure that you can correctlycare for exotic plants, the best start with a simple: a hardy and hardy plants that can survive without much loss your inexperience and forgetfulness.

The range of these plants is large enough.

Some people prefer plants with bright, showy leaves, someone more to taste elegant decorative foliage, others prefer ivy or cactus.

You can choose from these undemandingplants as Chlorophytum Crested, monstera, room maple (abutilon), aloe, dracaena, Crassula, pelargonium, tradeskantsmya, ficus and many others. However, even this undemanding skromnikam need care. If you can provide them with good conditions, you can be sure they will thank you beautiful and flowering species.

Do not get moody, even a very beautifulplant. Absolutely no need to buy azalea, if you do not have sufficient experience in its cultivation. Very picky about the terms of the content of cyclamen. It's a shame it happens when the plant withers and dies, and the reasons it is impossible to understand.

If you are completely inexperienced gardener, get cacti or succulents, they have quite a decorative look and do not want anything from you, except for the rare watering and fertilizing the same rare.

However, even with growing hardy plants need to follow certain rules:

- Place closer to the light those plants, which are more demanding osvescheniyu-
- Try not to put together plants that require spraying and those that do not lyubyat-
- Any plants do not like the frequent rearrangements. It is for them a real stress.

Some plants in the winter shed their leaves and need rest. At this time, they need to clean in a dark cool place and reduce watering.

No matter how inexperienced florist you do not have the desire and the desire to do wonders. Start simple, and you will surely achieve to your apartment looked like a flower-filled garden.

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