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Where to start breeding indoor plants


Where to start breeding indoor plants</a>

If you are not sure you can correctlyTo care for exotic plants, it's better to start with a simple one: from unpretentious and hardy plants that can survive your inexperience and forgetfulness without much loss.

The assortment of such plants is large enough.

Someone prefers plants with bright, screaming leaves, someone more to taste elegant ornamental foliage, others prefer ivy or cactus.

You can choose from such undemandingPlants, such as chlorophytum crested, monstera, indoor maple (abutilon), aloe, dracaena, plump, pelargonium, Tradescantry, ficus and many others. However, even these undemanding modest people need care. If you can create good conditions for them, you can be sure that they will thank you with a beautiful and blooming view.

Do not make a capricious, albeit very beautifulplant. It is definitely not necessary to buy azalea, if you do not have enough experience of its cultivation. Very demanding on the conditions of the cyclamen. It's a shame when the plant withers and dies, and the reasons can not be understood.

If you are a very inexperienced gardener, get cacti or succulents, they are quite decorative and do not want anything from you, except for rare watering and the same rare feeding.

However, even when growing unpretentious plants you need to follow certain rules:

- Place closer to the light those plants that are more demanding for lighting-
- Try not to put together plants that require spraying and those that do not like it,
- No plants like frequent rearrangements. This is for them a real stress.

Some plants dump foliage in winter and need rest. At this time they need to be cleaned in a dark cool place and reduce watering.

No matter how inexperienced you are, the desire and desire do miracles. Start with a simple one, and you will surely make your apartment look like a flowering garden.

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