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How to start a small business


How to start a small business</a>

To realize the idea of ​​opening your own business, your business, which you have long dreamed about, is not so easy. Where should we start?

After all, you want to avoid gross mistakes and violations, provide for all kinds of costs and risks, quickly get the first profit.

You will need

  • - application form P21001, certified by a notary public,
  • - a copy of the passport or other identity document-
  • - receipt of payment of state duty-
  • - business plan.



When deciding to start your own business, select the formHis organization. The most convenient form of small business is individual entrepreneurship. Please note that administrative or criminal liability is established for engaging in business activities without registration.


Contact the tax authorities at your place of residence. They are the state registration of entrepreneurship. Receive the application form, specify the bank details necessary for payment of the state fee. By the way, you can send an application with a package of necessary documents by mail with a notification of delivery and a list of attachments. Within five working days after receipt of securities, the tax authority will give you the status of an individual entrepreneur.


Some types of business require a license. Follow the procedure for its registration in local bodies. In any bank open an account.


Starting even a small private business,Make a business plan. This is a document that presupposes calculation of profit. It will allow you to streamline all your wishes and ideas, establish the order of steps and actions, and will also be necessary to attract investors, to register a loan with the bank. The business plan includes an analysis of the state of the market you are going to enter with a new product or activity. This means that you need to study competitive goods in a certain segment of the market, compare them with your product, evaluating its advantages and disadvantages.


Other necessary sections of the business plan: Production, commercial plan or plan for the provision of services-marketing plan-financial plan. The marketing plan includes ways to attract potential buyers and customers. The financial plan will allow to provide all necessary expenses for opening of business and possible risks. To make a competent business plan, contact the specialists of organizations involved in this type of activity.


Perhaps, by calculating the costs that will entailThe discovery of your business, you will understand that you can not do with your own resources. Study the conditions for lending to small businesses in different banks, try to find investors. At this stage, your business plan is very useful. After all, any investor will want to know where he is investing money, when he can make a profit, having paid back his expenses.


Rent a suitable room for business youCan be from private persons or from the municipality. Study all proposals, consider several options. Compare the conditions and costs that will be needed to bring each of the rooms to the type required for your business.

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