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How to start your small business

How to start your small business

I own a business that brings satisfaction from the realization of ideas and a cash profit, has all chances to become a matter of life and continue to exist in subsequent generations.

To start a small business, you need to realize that you really want.



Make a plan. Well thought out all the steps to implement their desires and reflect them on paper. Working daily with a mandatory fixing of all cases of any importance should be your first mate.


Think about business idea. The main requirement to the idea? it should be successful. Consider options for realizing their own creative abilities, the use of experience and skills. Make a list of potential business ideas.


Take care of the collection of information. Carefully review the market for goods or services for which you want to go? working conditions, the level of competition, examples of the successful launch, etc.


Make a business plan. A well written business plan will allow you to realistically assess their capabilities, see the quantitative expression, calculate the risks and failures. Make it all the necessary items of expenditure, the scale of production, a segment of potential buyers, the idea to further promote the business, for its expansion tools. Determine the amount of start-up capital.


Identify the main sources of start-up capital. Calculate if your savings will be enough to start their own business or need to attract third-party capital.


Give it a name. Select the organizational-legal form, go through the registration procedure. You can choose the organization to become a legal entity or individual entrepreneur.


Organize accounting system. The presence of an adequate accounting system allow you to monitor the financial condition, pay taxes.


Get permission. Go through the procedure of obtaining licensing in local government.


Open a checking account. Have a checking account you need to start your small business.


Rent a room. Explore the services offered and the amount of commission. Think about what kinds of communication, especially space required for smooth operation. Consider a few options and choose a room to suit your needs.

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