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How to start a business in the market


How to start a business in the market</a>

You decided to open a point on the market for the sale of goods of mass demand.

How to start this business so that in the shortest possible time to pay back all the costs for its organization?



Visit several markets in your city(Assortment, demand, competitors). Choose the form of organization of your outlet (counter, self-service). Determine which products you will implement. Whether it will be just one kind of product (for example, shoes) or you plan to open a trade in fancy goods, etc.


Determine if you have enough money to start trading on The market. Pay attention: unforeseen expenses can make a considerable part of expenses at opening of any enterprise.


Do not forget: the constituent documents of your organization should include the correct statistics codes, confirming that your organization will deal specifically with trade.


Contact Rospotrebnadzor with a notice ofThat you start trading. In the notification, indicate the types of goods you intend to sell. If you plan to trade food or alcohol, you will need to obtain the appropriate licenses and certificates.


Going to open a point on The market, Choose a market that is popular with buyers of all ages and all walks of life, and not the one closest to your home.


Obtain sanitary and fire supervision reports if you plan to start trading indoors (even if only in winter).


Purchase equipment and goods. All purchased goods must have all certificates of conformity and quality. If you are going to make purchases in the capital or foreign markets, try to learn in advance from reliable sources that there are no problems with the law and with the quality of the goods from possible suppliers.


Do not forget about the design of the counter and about outdoor advertising.


Lay out all the goods so that they are convenient to take from hangers, shelves. Write down price tags: product name, price, manufacturer (optional).


1Lead the sellers and take care of protecting your outlet and the services of the movers.

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