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How to start a business market

How to start a business market

You have decided to open a point in the market for the sale of goods of mass demand.

How do you start this business so that as soon as possible to recoup all of its costs of organizing?



Visit several markets in your city(Range, demand, competitors). Choose a form of organization of your point of sale (the counter, self-service). Determine what products you will sell. Will it be just any one type of goods (such as shoes) or you are planning to open a haberdashery trade and so on.


Determine whether you have enough funds to start trading on the market. Note: unforeseen costs can make up a considerable share of the cost when you open any business.


Do not forget: in the constituent documents of your organization should be given the correct statistical codes confirming that your organization will deal with it in trade.


Contact Rospotrebnadzor notifyingthat you start to trade. The notice shall specify the types of goods that are going to implement. If you plan to sell products or alcohol, you will need to obtain the appropriate licenses and certificates.


If you are going to open the point on market, Choose a market, which is popular with customers of all ages and all walks of life, not the one that is closest to your home.


Get the conclusion of sanitary and fire control, if you plan to start trading in the room (even if only in the winter).


Purchase equipment and goods. All purchased items must have all compliance and quality certificates. If you want to make purchases on the capital and foreign markets, try to advance from a reliable source to learn about the absence of problems with the law and with the quality of the goods from possible suppliers.


Do not forget about the design of the counter and outdoor advertising.


Arrange all items so that they were convenient to take with hangers, shelves. Popish tags: product name, price, manufacturer (optional).


1Naymite sellers and take care of the protection of your point of sale and on the services of loaders.

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