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Starring Titanic

Starring Titanic

One of the highest grossing films of James Cameron's "Titanic" was filmed in 1996, and its budget was originally only 110 million dollars.

However, the film became a blockbuster, audiences are reviewed several times.

The idea of ​​filming the movie "Titanic" director attendedJames Cameron since 1987, when he first became acquainted with the history of the ship wreck. In 1995, he made 12 dives to the Titanic itself, to look at the ship as well as to plan the entire underwater shooting. In 1996, there were few underwater cameras, film the one that is filming "Titanic", enough for 15 minutes, and although some scenes were filmed under water, for the filming had to build a new studio with decorations and a private pond.

Location filming

Initially, the director and producers were goingto make a film in Malta, but the sponsors were sorry to leave all the scenery in a foreign country. Acted "Titanic" not far from the US, 40 km south of Mexico and the US border. It ships in a deep pool where the vast world of the Atlantic Ocean was created. In fact, the Atlantic is located on the coast of Rosarito. There was built a huge Titanic, who turned 231 meter in length, which is only 38 meters shorter than the original. Many parts were well drawn and were remarkably similar to the real thing. Instead of helicopters that were supposed to take off from the top deck, it was set high crane rails, on which the camera is moved.
For the first time used in the production of a moviemany special effects: instead of shooting in cold water the actors starring in water at room temperature, and then the picture superimposed pairs of breath. Dolphins, diving under the nose of the ship, also created on computers. What to say about the largest project installation in 1996 - the collapse of the "Titanic". In order to choose a company that engaged in the re-establishment of the ship sinking, he conducted a tender among 17 companies worldwide. Won his Digital Domain, the best of its kind. huge iceberg was created for filming, which ran the ship.

Movie premiere

The film turned out quite long: 216 minutes for theatrical release it slightly shortened to 194 minutes. Many feared that because of the length of the picture may fail, but none of the premiere audience did not leave the session early, and nobody did not seem that the film lasted more than three hours. Amazing beautiful love story and the legend of the world of the tragedy captured the audience.
Painting has brought its creators more than 1billion 300 million dollars, it remained the highest grossing film in the history of 12 long years. Beat his own record could only himself, James Cameron, who directed "Avatar". On the centenary of the collapse of the Titanic film was again shown in theaters, but now in 3D. Although he has brought $ 300 million, beat the new record "Avatar" could not.

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