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How to get on the unemployment exchange


How to get on the unemployment exchange</a>

The modern state in the fight againstUnemployment is trying to create conditions for citizens to find work. The registration in the employment service not only increases the chances of finding a job, but also gives certain social benefits.

If you lost your job and are in her search, gather the necessary documents and contact the labor exchange.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - employment history-
  • - certificate of secondary education-
  • - Diploma of higher or secondary special education -
  • - certificate from the last place of work.



Understand the benefits thatProvides registration in the employment service. The legislation gives an opportunity to those citizens who are left without a job, to register at the labor exchange and receive some social support. Individuals registered as unemployed are paid special allowances and material assistance, stipends are established in the case of referrals for retraining. The unemployed have the right to participate in public works for a fee or get a subsidy to open their own business.


Assess your social status. To register at the labor exchange, you must reach the age of sixteen, not receive an old-age pension and not be sentenced to correctional labor or imprisonment. One of the requirements is also that you must be in a real job search and have no income from work.


Prepare the package of documents necessary forRegistration in unemployment. You will need a general passport, a certificate of secondary education, a diploma from the end of a university or an average special educational institution. Prepare also certificates or certificates certifying the fact of advanced training or retraining. If you worked before, take a workbook with you. You will also need a certificate confirming your income or average earnings at the last place of work.


Please refer to these documents inTerritorial Employment Center at your place of residence. The specialists of the Center will study the documents submitted by you and will ask you to write an application for registration for unemployment. In the statutory period, a decision will be made to ask you to register or refuse to recognize you as unemployed.


Having received the status of the unemployed, strictly obeyAll requirements of the employment service. You must be on time at the labor exchange and consider the vacancies selected for you by specialists of the Center. If you violate the established rules, you can lose the status of the unemployed and the social benefits you receive.

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