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How to stand on pointe

How to stand on pointe

It's hard to find a woman who has not dreamed as a child of becoming a ballerina and flit across the stage like a butterfly, on the tips of fingers.

But even if a person is not his youth dedicated choreography, a chance to stand on pointe is, in any age.



Before coming to the ballet studio for adultsor do their own choreography, should see a doctor. Ballet exercises seriously loaded joints and spine, are dangerous for varicose veins, therefore it is necessary to prevent the possible negative effects of dance.


The dance schools and ballet schoolsstudents begin to put on pointe shoes until the end of the first year, and this despite the grueling daily workouts. Adult it will take even more time. First you need to get a good stretch of all muscles of the body and to develop the ability to keep his balance. To do this, perform gymnastic exercises, as well as shallow squats and leg movements at the machine. First, holding the two hands, then one, and in the end - without a support.


To stand on pointe, need strong leg musclesand well-designed lifting of the foot. First of all it is necessary to develop calf muscles. You can start with fast walking and failure of the elevator, then go for running and jumping. When the legs get stronger - to wear shoes with high heels more. One of available each exercise is carried out on the stairs. Need to get up on the step so that the heel does not touch the surface, that is, only the toes. In this position, slowly lifted and lowered - by 30 times, and four approaches for employment.


Stretching of the foot is best done under the supervision ofprofessional. If you do it yourself, focusing on books and video tutorials, you can damage the joint, as the general recommendations do not take into account the individual characteristics. For starters, you can just gently pull the fingers at someone's help. To do this, the foot is good warm up during a training session, and then sit on the floor, legs outstretched. The assistant may gently press on the arch of the foot until the uncomfortable sensations (pain should not be). The knees at the same time should be straight. Then just have to gently pull the foot to him.


More serious load right to give only an experienced teacher. He is able to determine when a person is ready to stand on pointe shoes for the first time.

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