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STAIRS to the country: types, materials


Stairs to the dacha: types, materials</a>

A bright and stylish detail of the country house - this,Of course, a ladder. In addition to the decorative function, the staircase must be, first and foremost, sturdy, functional, comfortable and reliable and, preferably, have a decorative function - decorate the room.

To choose exactly the design that will meet all your requirements, you need, first of all, to understand what are the types of stairs and what materials.

And the one type of stairs is different from the other and what's better: to make a staircase to order or to install already ready.

Types of stairs

Perhaps you, as a homeowner completelyIt is not important to know the correct name of a particular type of staircase. Nevertheless, knowing the entire range and distinctive features, it is much easier to find out which option is right for your dacha. So, there are internal and external ladders, as well as stationary stairs, transformable and portable, but do not forget about the march and screw designs.

External staircases, as a rule, are made fromVery strong materials, resistant to any mechanical damage and bad weather conditions. It can be metal, concrete, granite, sometimes wood. For the production of internal staircases, it is also customary to use wood, but more expensive breeds, for example, oak. In the event that the staircase performs only decorative functions, it can be made of more fragile materials: glass or plastic.

Stationary staircases stand out with strength andReliability, but, unlike portable and transformable stairs, require a lot of free space. That is why a stationary ladder is not suitable for small rooms where you need to save every square meter. If the task is to economically use the available space, then it is better to get a portable ladder that can be used only if necessary. It can be made independently at home, for this you do not have to thoroughly learn carpentry.

When it comes to attic space orCellar, it is better to equip them with transformable stairs that can be compacted for a while until they are used. Advantages here are that they do not need to be transferred and there is no need to equip a special place for storage. Transformable staircases are stable and practical.

If your dacha has several floors, thenA portable ladder design in this case you will not fit. Therefore, it is necessary to think over a variant of a beautiful and reliable stationary ladder, along which it will be convenient and safe to go up to the second floor.

With a lack of free space, the ideal option is a compact screw design, which is less convenient to use, but it is a good decoration for any dacha interior.

The stationary ladder, first of all, should be safe and functional in case you have to carry something bulky and heavy on it.

Materials for the manufacture of stairs

By the type of material from which theStationary staircases, all designs can be divided into: metal, concrete, wooden and combined. Elegant and respectable stairs to the second floor can be made of wood. Natural and warm material will give the villa interior a special charm and help create an atmosphere of coziness, and a strong wooden beam will ensure the construction of reliability. But it should be noted that making a beautiful wooden staircase yourself is a time consuming occupation. Here you can use one of the options: buy a ready-made staircase, or make an individual sketch and contact a company that specializes in the production of wooden structures of various types. Customization will cost a little more, but the ladder will exactly meet all your requirements, wishes and sizes. This factor is important if you value your strength and time. The main advantage of the tree is that it allows to realize various functional and decorative elements that make the staircase elegant and unique.

A sturdy and reliable option will beMetal. Metal can be used both for the manufacture of the entire structure or only for the production of its individual parts and decorative elements. You can create an individual and very original design, combining metal with other materials, for example, using glass, plastic, wood or marble. Very original will look stainless steel. The material is not subject to abrasion and is very resistant to mechanical stress. Exclusively and individually look like screw metal stairs. The only drawback is that the designs require some care and skill when walking up and down. Therefore, screw-type ladders are considered less convenient to operate. But thanks to its spiral shape, this option helps to save space, amazes with its smooth curves and does not turn the general interior of the room into something ridiculous.

It is worth saying a few words about this materiallike a stone. The stone staircase requires a special room and attentive approach to the design project, it has its own style and character. Therefore, it is more suitable for a large cottage made of bricks, not a dacha. For a small country house, a combined version of the staircase is perfect, where the steps are decorated with mosaic material.

A good solution for decorating stairs is ceramics. In this case, you can design the floor and steps in the same style.

When designing a ladder, do not forget thatIt is possible to combine even different ways of fastening steps, and not just different materials. And to make the staircase look like an integral part of the interior, it needs to be properly illuminated, thereby emphasizing the smooth lines and original decorative elements.

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