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Stained glass film: properties, characteristics, use

Stained glass film: properties, characteristics, use

Stained glass adhesive film designed to simulate stained glass.

It is made on the basis of high-quality polyester material.

From the fading on the tape is applied several layers of UV filters.

Stained glass - very expensive, which is notexpensive for everyone. At the same time everyone knows that the use of at least one of the glass, will completely change the interior of the room, make it more attractive and original. Those who can not afford the classic version, may use one of its kind, by which is meant a film stained glass window. In appearance, it is virtually indistinguishable from natural, with its much lower cost, and thus the film can buy afford each.

Properties stained glass film

Modern stained glass films allow you to createsuch works of art that can not be distinguished from classic stained-glass window, which is used for the manufacture of glass. The film has a particular structure, which perfectly transmits light and keeps its shape for a long time. Moreover, such a color film did not fade and fade, as it has a high resistance to solvents and environmental exposure.

With stained films, drawing on whichcan be quite varied, it is possible to create different works. They give the interior zest, making it original and unique. Moreover, the film makes the glass more durable. Even if the film is to break it will not let him fall apart in all directions. These properties are useful for film stained glass decoration of mobile structures such as doors and windows.

Specifications stained glass film

For the production of stained glass is used overheadAdhesive film, which explains their high uniqueness. It is impossible to find two alike products. Stained glass film has the following characteristics:
- Ease of sticking to the surface, thanks to the self-adhesive composition on the back side of the material-
- The safety of use of stained glass film, which was made possible through the use of environmentally friendly materials for its izgotovleniya-
- Strength of the film, which is especially important when using it for mobile konstruktsiyah-
- UV resistance which allows the film to paste over the stained glass windows.

Using stained glass film

Scope stained diverse films. Due to the high technical characteristics such as high durability and safety, stained glass window film can be used to decorate windows, doors, ceilings, mirrors, winter gardens, interior partitions and so on.

Technology sticking it very simple, so it can cope with absolutely everyone. The film is pasted on the glass, which must be pre-treated with isopropyl alcohol.

The surface should be slightly moist to the film better locks on it.

After preparing the surface with a protective layer of the film is removed and applied to the glass. Air bubbles carefully smoothed with a cloth, then wiped dry film.

The joints between the films closed lead broaches, which are chosen according to the color of the pattern.

In the event of damage to the surface-stained glass can be easily repaired. To do this, the damaged item is replaced with a new plate.

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