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SPRING hair care

Hair care

After the winter, many women hair is in poor condition.

To restore their former beautiful view, modern experts recommend to increase their power and strengthen them by using special cosmetics.

In the spring, the condition of hair in mostwomen deteriorates. This is due to the fact that winter hair is exposed to the dry frosty air, strong winds and extreme temperatures. This together with the seasonal shortage of vitamins rather spoils the appearance of the hair.

In the spring, is celebrated throughout the bodylack of vitamins and is, of course, reflected in the hair. For this reason it is necessary to use a complex of vitamins and minerals that can strengthen and improve hair growth. This is due to the fact that they include all necessary elements that allow the beauty of your hair back in a short period of time.

You should also change, and its composition and nutritional standards. In this season are advised to eat more fruits and vegetables, eggs, lean meats, various cereals and nuts.

At the onset of spring is best avoidedthe use of such procedures, which can be quite hurt your hair. This includes hair dryer, ironing, curling irons and other heating devices. In addition, experts advise not to carry out experiments involving the use of resistant paints. Also, you need to forget about the chemical wave.

It should be noted that combing hairshould be very careful. To do this, use a wooden comb or a brush with natural bristles, but in any case, do not use metal combs. Before you begin the process of combing, you need to put on special hair spray conditioner that is not washed off.

In addition, experts forbid combing wet hair or rub it with great force with a towel.

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