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How do sports mats

How do sports mats

To strengthen and maintain health it is necessary at any age. But often to visit sports clubs do not have time or they are not on the road.

There is only one way out? organize at home sporty mini-complex.

At the corner of the sports equipment not forget the mats.

They are necessary for security.

You will need

  • - Thick foam sheets
  • - Material for the cover of the mat



Buy the necessary number of sheets of thick foam. The density and elasticity foam can greatly reduce the pain during careless fall and prevent injury. Special mats necessary where there are children.


Cut out of foam blanks required size. Usually it 230h60mm 1330h. But you can do a sports mat in size and suitable shape: at least square, rectangular though.


We buy the material for the cover of the mat. Before mats trimmed canvas or leatherette. These materials are not very practical: to quickly get dirty, torn, are deteriorating. Modern synthetic materials are practical, beautiful, durable: it kaprovinil or fiber reinforced polyvinyl chloride. The main thing is that the materials are non-toxic, anti-allergic and could sanitized.


Making the pattern of the material, two for the base, four pieces for the sides, leaving a 2 cm allowance on all sides.


Sews future cover three sides. The fourth side is sewn zipper or lace making, to cover can be removed and washed periodically.


On the sides for ease of movement of the handle needs to be done, it is possible from the lines, and it is possible and of sheathed foam.


For the sports children's corner of the mat surface can be decorated with bright cheerful applique.


If we take 2 sheets of foam, sheathing and sew them in one side of a common lightning, get a folding mat that is easy to store and takes up less space.


Put foam in cover, fastened.

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