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Conspiracy to quick house sale

Conspiracy to quick house sale

Ease of rituals, which read plots, attracted many people.

For each case, you can select the plot - for example, to quickly and for a good price to sell the house.

People often resort to conspiracy tohandle any problems that are difficult to resolve naturally. For example, financial issues, such as the sale of the house, when you try to solve them with the help of the conspiracy have in most cases a good result.

Plots for sale house

For sale house there are many conspiracies -they should choose depending on the situation, that is, with a corresponding meaning. If the house must be sold quickly, if you want to get a good price, sell a house with a bad location, speed up the process of registration of documents - and for these and other cases, there is a suitable plot.

Any conspiracy for the sale of the house means to get rid of something, it is necessary to pronounce on the waning moon.

To speed up the sale is necessary to wash the floors in allrooms from one bucket without changing the water. In her tell a story like this: "Four Corners, Domino and my house, renounce you, from the locks and doors of houses and four corners. Who has the money to me for you will, that you yourself and take. Amen".
Water is poured onto the road for the yard. The moment should be chosen such that no one on the road is not met.
Another plot for a quick sale. Mix in a separate large bowl, 0.5 cups of salt, sugar and rice. Stick a pin in the center of the container, on a mixture of slander like this: "Do not be evil people and good for the prosperity and happiness to sell something that I do not need. Himself, God's servant (name), acquiring the right. Amen. May it be so!"

During the conspiracy must be clearly aware that the sale procedure has already started at home, feeling sorry for him not to be.

Enchanted mixture should be placed at the entrance to the house,in such a place that it is not conspicuous. After the sale of the house is necessary to give alms six nuzhdayuschimsya- container of rice, sugar and salt should be buried in a deserted place.

Plots for the successful sale of the house to get a good price

The simplest plot is considered to hexbroom. Speaketh better at night, about 3:00. "How I Met litter, sweeping up, so customers to yourself nailed. First come, come second, third buy, take Statement. Amen".
Broom, who had spoken in this way, it is necessary to place at home dealing with the dawn. Repeat the procedure three days.
Another plot for a successful sale, "my bright windows, sills, gilded pillars yes Matica twisted. Admire yes Bargain. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. "
All plots for sale must be spokenOnly the seller. With proper selection of the plot and subject to all the action more people quickly and quite well in terms of price are selling real estate.

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